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If you’ve grown weary of playing by the suffocating rules of the physical world and are ready to abide instead, by the boundless laws of eternity; your true home...

You're in the right place

I am unequivocally devoted to,  and in service of, all things miraculous & otherworldly... a Mistress of Magic, if you will ;) 

Ultimate freedom is my Modus Operandi

As your mentor, I serve as a liaison between the realms of form and formless. Together we will unhook from the limits of space-time and call upon your limitless identity for revelatory knowledge, all-pervasive peace, and the joy of effortless creation

Working with me will be deeply confronting to how you see yourself, your life and your world…

and, it will also catalyze pure magic and a wonderous euphoria beyond anything you ever even thought to imagine

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Here's What People Have Said About Working With Me


Chandra's mentoring is so thought-provoking that a simple word or sentence could spark an awakening & have me seeing things from a different perspective in a matter of minutes  - Alicia Griffin

I've worked with other mentors that have brought so much insight, but Chandra pushed the box further than I knew possible. It was another layer off the veil, but a deeper one. What she taught me was SO SIMPLE it took days to sink in. It was an eye-opener as to how much we complicate things with our egoic minds. Thank you, Chandra, for opening yet another realm of awakening  - Amanda Lynn

Chandra is a creative and inspiring soul. She is resourceful, sensitive, and intuitive. I would recommend her work to all who feel like there is something missing in life. She will help you find that magic again  - Liv McRein

Chandra Nicole has helped me so much. She helped me to understand that I was not my cancer diagnosis nor the depression I found myself in. I was able to leave both as just a story in my past & create a new life full of adventures, where I could have followed a path of sickness. Chandra reminds me of my greatness. When I’m in her presence I feel limitless and full of amazing grace  - Alisha Joy

Chandra is your own personal spirit animal (a majestic unicorn of course) guiding you through a journey back to your heart   - Katherine Freitag 

I was diagnosed with a condition that made it very highly unlikely I would be able to get pregnant without the help of fertility medication. After a year and half of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, we though about possibly going the medication route in the New Year. I enrolled in one of Chandra's programs in October. During that time, she opened my eyes and explained a new way of thinking about myself, others, situations, and life. I started to feel calmer about life in general, more capable of directing my thoughts, and a deep love for myself bubbled up. Things just seemed to shift and start clicking into place that month, and against all odds, we conceived a baby naturally, without meds. I know the time I spent with Chandra had everything to do with this. The things I learned about myself in that one short month completely changed my life. I am so thankful  - Justine Mercereau

From the moment I said "YES!" things began to shift massively for me. After one month of working with Chandra, I'm no longer depressed and am seeing wonderful changes in my life daily since - Calla Payne

Chandra’s philosophy is in tune with life, and you know it’s true because her life mirrors her philosophy. She speaks from her heart space and inspired me to trust myself, others, and the universe. After a conversation with her (or by just being in her presence) my doubts and worries dissolve - Joseph Davidson

With her charismatic nature and witty banter, Chandra gently guided me towards remembering who I really am. My life is so much richer for having dived deep into the magical world that Chandra resides in  - Mena Ayee 

Chandra is a fierce gutsy woman with a very ballsy approach to life. Not afraid to look deep and “go there”, she takes you on a path of enlightenment to your very acceptance of self. When you join Chandra on this journey, you will feel transformations happening at your very core and will come out on the other side feeling like you’ve been walking around half-awake. I love, love, love this woman - Barbara Pearon

I was intuitively called to reach out to Chandra for coaching, after which my life showed automatic improvement - Natalya Vorona

Chandra really shines as a mentor when she shares her own stories of bewilderment and breakthrough... and has been through the cosmic washing machine enough times to be a guiding light to others who are ready to re-landscape their lives. She mentors with both wisdom and heart.  I like the way her mind works, the quantum connections she makes and the nuances of her perspective that suddenly catalyse more clarity in me - Giselle Jennaway

Chandra has been helping me to realize that life is not as serious as I’ve been making it out to be. She’s taught me how to play with life and access states of peace, joy, freedom, courage, and love  - Rana Abou-Nassar

Chandra has helped show me the path to trusting my higher self - Joshua Reynolds

Thank you, Chandra Nicole for the ride to enlightenment! You picked me up off the side of the road, in the most beautiful vehicle, took me to my destination, and dropped me off. Like a blissful taxi you transport people to their destiny! Crystal clear windows, soft comfy seats, the most luxurious ride. Eternally grateful for the cosmic connection, the transportation to my emancipation  - Amber Boyce

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