Renaissance 2023


Revival of Self

A fallow season has come to an end, and you're being resurrected from it's glimmering ashes

Life has readied you for the restoration of your true essence, and the time is nigh to display your unique plumage more boldly than ever before

It's a new, and exciting...  and terrifying era

But the fear of elevating into the truest iteration of your self yet, pales in comparison to the fear of spending your precious existence hiding in your very own shadows

... and so, you choose to rise.

Rising Together

The choice to champion for your authentic self, your desires, your values and dreams; is a decision that only you can make

But just because the choice is yours, doesn't mean you have to go it alone

You are allowed to ease the burden of a road less traveled by drafting on others for permission, possibility & perspective

Renaissance is a five-week digital experience designed with this purpose in mind

Inspired by the Peacock, we will cultivate virtues and advantageous paradigms that enable us to rise up & revive our true selves in this vibrant new season


You are, and have always been, a priceless piece of art. Boldly claim and stand tall in the most authentic iteration of your masterpiece, to date.


Pluck the gold from the old, and leave the rest behind. Build upon what you keep, and be born anew in your purified truths. 


Be radically honest about your real time needs & desires. Make powerful choices in congruence with what's most relevant to you.


Foster the audacity to claim your own, unique brilliance. Use it as the driving force for the creation of a life you love & deserve. 


You are primed for greatness. You are worthy of an extraordinary life, as defined by you. Protect this treasure with the fiercest of loyalty. 


Generate a quiet knowing deep within, originating from self trust. Watch it manifest as luck and fortune, perfectly suited to you. 

Renaissance 2023




Revive Your Self