For years you've contorted yourself every which way, in attempt to fit into the narrow constructs of entrepreneurship, as it currently stands.

Never really getting much traction as each time you create within an old paradigm you shortly thereafter either abandon ship because it just doesn't feel right. Or, you carry on steady as she goes, while your business paradigms literally suffocate you with lackluster boredom. Or, your creations just simply fall flat causing you to feel like you're endlessly spinning your wheels. 

This is extremely frustrating, and often infuriating, as someone who knows with every fiber of her being that she's here to build an enlightened empire and change the game on this planet. 

You can feel deep in your bones that there are wilder, far more miraculous possibilities available to you from which to build a business… yet, you're not fully trusting what you know. 

Perhaps you're still too secretly invested in what you were taught in the world of light, to be able to reach into the darkness for the true magic of you.

And, with each denial you make of your authentic Self, you spin your wheels farther and farther into the mud until you're just plain stuck. Blocked. Stifled. 

Maybe you even make this seeming inability to make the world of business work, a complete and utter wrongness of you... but the good new is that you're beginning to scratch the surface of your genius. 

Your frustrations are pointing you to your holy truth, which is this: 

Your business endeavors have never felt right to you because 
You're not here to master paradigms... YOU'RE HERE TO OBLITERATE THEM. 

It was never EVER supposed to work for you.

What a fucking relief, right?
Contrary to popular spiritual belief, you're not here to merge into oneness... 
You've manifested FROM oneness into physical form to be a never before witnessed expression of divinity.

You're not meant to exist within an already conceived of industry...
you're meant to be an 'Industry of One' in which competition is transcended and you can command the highest of opulent prosperity, whilst simply being the fulfillment of your natural Godself.

You did not come here to reiterate... 
you came here to innovate something brand new and never seen before. 

You did not come here to perpetuate the Patriarchy... 
you came here to dream awake the Queendom of Heaven on Earth, by way of your Divine Empire.

I know this to be true, because it's my story too. 


I'm Chandra Nicole - advisor to female forerunners of consciousness who’re here to build an Empire in this exciting time of elevation.

I'm a divine key holder for the feminine rising, and I'm here to support you in ushering in wild new paradigms never before known to this planet, through the avenue of your entrepreneurial endeavors.

This key that I hold is a series of energetic codes designed to catalyze the dismantling of your human consciousness and unlock your (w)Holy Human...

allowing you to channel divine feminine magic wisdom directly from the dark womb of creation, thusly individuating completely as the one-of-a-kind art piece you came here to be. 



For the women who're ready to transcend the patriarchal world of entrepreneurship & call upon their Divine Feminine Business Magic.

This is for you if you're ready to... 

dissolve your limited human fear-based consciousness and activate your divinity, end self-denial for good, channel your cosmic genius, embody elevated entrepreneurial paradigms, inspire miraculous outcomes, and know yourself as an 'Industry of One' whereby you can command the highest of opulent prosperity, whilst simply being the fulfillment of your natural Godself.

This IS the feminine rising. 
And you are a leader of it.


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