“How to use Practical Magic to transform your life from the inside-out”



"This workshop totally blew me away! The chains of my old constraints have broken and I feel like a free soul; from the sensation of falling, into flying like an eagle. This woman is an amazing, eloquent, articulate and absolutely brilliant teacher. She's not on a high-horse; but a peer in the trenches raising her vibrations to embody "better and better" versions of herself, right along side us -- I don't know if I can even find the right words -- but this woman walks the walk and she teaches from lived-in experience. She's not just book smart, but street smart too. She uses analogies and story to explain this powerful work. Her workshops are interactive, fun, and enlightening. I highly recommend them to everyone aiming for the highest good in contributing more light, love & prosperity into this world. Thanks a million Chandra Nicole! "

Lisa Jo Barr
Denver, Co

Hey, I'm Chandra Nicole... 

and I'm certifiably crazy about uncovering the truiest, sexiest, juiciest, highest freedom available to us humans.

I'm consistently inconsistent in most every way, except for this unexplainable lifelong devotion to ultimate liberation.

I'm a master at dismantling the limitations of your human consciousness, and serve as a catalyst for the activation of your "wHoly Human" which is the fully lucid, divine magician of space & time, you came here to be.
I help you remember the highest truth of who you are, decide who you want to be next, and then dream it awake. 


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