When you fully honor your deep soul desires and creative impulses, you flourish & thrive.

When you deny them... 
you stagnate and suffocate, slowly & secretly becoming lackluster, depressed and maybe even addicted.

You MUST become who you came here to be.

If you refuse to do so... 
you'll just exit stage left, and return shortly thereafter in another body, to try again. Lol

This Gospel of Saint Thomas excerpt couldn't possibly sum it up better: 

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

I know this to be true, because I personally have tried many many times over the years to suppress, ignore and/or otherwise deny what I know deep down I desire to be, have and do, and let's just say... it NEVER ends well. 

You feel me? 

So, you know... 
we might as well just go ahead and say yes to what we really want in this lifetime, if not doing so means 'game over'...  am-I-right or am-I-right? 

Why go through the dramatics of death and rebirth, when you can just shapeshift into who you're wanting to become and have it all NOW? 🤣

You have the power to say yes to what you really want, in this very moment.

You have the capability to collapse time,
morph into entirely new + expanded versions of yourself, 
and quantum leap into whole new worlds... right here, right now. 

You didn't come here to play it safe and sit around in your illusion of security until you die...

You came here to have a cosmic adventure in the world of form.

You came here to realize yourself as a wHoly Human, a demi-god, a magician of space + time.

You came here to get your hands in the malleable putty of the light-grid and mold it any which way you like.

for fuck's sake, stop pretending to be a weak and feeble human, who doesn't have the power to call forth the life that's summoning you from within.

You are a wHoly Human!

You have creative capacities that far exceed the logicals and linears you've grown so dependent on.

You are a Shapeshifter. 
A Timebender.
A Quantum Leaper.

But in order to realize this as your truth... you have to stop denying what it is you really want.

You must honor your deepest, non-linear, illogical, soul fire desires and commit to thriving right here, right now in this lifetime.

#AreYouIntoIt ? 


Hey, I'm Chandra Nicole...

and I'm certifiably crazy about uncovering the truiest, sexiest, juiciest, highest freedom available to us humans.

I'm consistently inconsistent in most every way, except for this unexplainable lifelong devotion to ultimate liberation.

I'm a master at dismantling the limitations of your human consciousness, and serve as a catalyst for the activation of your "wHoly Human" which is the fully lucid, divine magician of space & time, you came here to be. 



Activate your supernatural abilities to shapeshift, timebend & quantum leap into parallel realities with ease.

This is a private mentoring program designed for rapid transformation.

This is for you if...
the winds of a change are blowing
you’re willing to say YES to yourself and all that you desire, once and for all. 
you’re ready to make BIG + FAST shifts in your life.

The work that we will do together has nothing to do with trudging through the “logicals and the linears” of your circumstances, to make reasonable progression.

and also, #lameAF 

The work that we will do together is the ultimately liberating “work” of activating your divine abilities to bend time, shapeshift, and quantum leap into entirely new life experiences with ease and sustainability.

Through our work together, you will remember who-the-fuck-you-are... 


We will reimagine who you think you are & what you think you get to have... and, we will call upon your inherent creator faculties in the most potent and efficient manner possible, so to turn your life around on a dime beyond the paradigms of space and time.

You are faaaaaaar more powerful than you know, and the capabilities you’ll uncover and activate through our work together will truly blow your mind hole 😜🤯

I now have spots available to work intimately with a handful of special women who know with certainty that the time has come to make a change... and doing it by way of divine magic, is the only way that appeals to you anymore.

The Shapeshifter private mentoring container is a three-month minimum commitment which includes
 24/7 Unlimited Voxer Support - it's like having me in your back pocket! 😉 

Your Investment: 

YOU + ME... 

Parallel Reality Jumping

... imagining, speaking + acting your wildest, most fiery, soul desires into existence.

#AreYouIntoIt ? 


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