Take entrepreneurship from mechanical to magical, restore your divine relationship to business, and turn your creative expressions into fine art worthy of commanding top dollar

I believe that your business should be an expression of Self.

It should be a piece of art that is an extension of your authentic being.

It should be your divine genius, alive in the world.

It is from this elevated, individuated energy that your enterprise becomes truly enchanted and you are able to price your work as fine art.

Fine art has no inherent value, yet has the power to command a very high rate because it's one-of-a-kind and truly unique. It represents something deep and meaningful to the one who makes it, and to the one who buys it.

When you operate your business from a utilitarian standpoint, as a transactional mechanism, following preconceived strategies and antiquated paradigms... 

it becomes just another cog in the wheel, and you are limited to a value-based pricing system founded in the ‘marketplace’. The energy is flat, it moves at a very linear mundane pace with no room for magic or miracles, and it's just not even remotely inspiring.

Not to me anyway.

I want to live in a world where we move beyond transactional living and loving, and instead become unparalleled in our entrepreneurial expressions.

What's required to do this is to chip away all your inner clay to reveal the Golden God within, and then get the fuck out of its way as it guides you directly into your brilliance.

Enchanted Enterprise is a mystery school designed to do just that. 

Enchanted Enterprise is for creative spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to boldly speak their truth, activate their unique genius, and turn their businesses  into fine art worthy of commanding top dollar.

In Enchanted Enterprise, we will spend four weeks activating your magical mind in all components of your business to make your every move & every word not only an artful expression of you, but energetically precise and potent AF.

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