I spent decades diving down a menagerie of rabbit holes searching for "the truth"

only to discover (in the very hardest of ways) that all truths are ultimately true

... however, it's only my truth that ever has the power to set me free

It is through the telling of my own truth, that I become the most authentic version of myself


My definition of love has evolved with the march of time, as I would imagine it will continue to do.

What I know for sure right now though, is this: 

the quality of my life hinges directly on how well I love myself, according to my own definitions

" art and love are the same thing: it’s the process of seeing yourself in things that you are not" 

- chuck klosterman


I may, or may not, have identified as a witch, a time or two ;) 

Magic, to me, is as much a choice to assume a perspective of wonder & awe...

as it is an act of bewitching myself with the meanings & choices I make

When I wield this understanding, I garner the ability to willfully practice the art of magic in my life

i'm chandra nicole 


I am described by my daughter, best friend & sister (all one person) in this way:

"a living embodiment of fascination, moonlighting as mother, poet, bon vivant. at once thought-provoking and disarming. aan be found weaving fantastical worlds at a quarter past midnight or pulling a quip from her sleeve at noon. broadway singer, witch, and madman in another life"

If you ask me, that's pretty damn accurate. 

I believe that creating your life & business is a form of art. 

I'm a deep seeker by nature; and the question the entirety of my existence has called me to, on repeat, is this:

"How can we live in a way that is truly authentic unto us?" 

Everything I muse about, offer & share, is my best attempt at answering this question. 


my beautiful daughter & I -- at a delicious seaside mother's day brunch in bali

"i think everything in life is art.

what you do. how you dress. the way you love someone and how you talk. your smile and your personality. what you believe in, and all your dreams. the way you drink your tea. how you decorate your home. or party. your grocery list. the food you make. how your writing looks. and the way you feel.

life is art."

-- helena bonham carter

this is my story


From an early age I knew I was different.

I was a misfit who wanted desperately to fit in; but no matter which direction I crammed myself in from, I never quite fit.

 I repeated this cycle of rebelling, cramming & failing for a really long time, desperately wanting a life that felt like me. Needless to say, I struggled...a lot

I wouldn't change a thing though, because it was the fires of my hardships that forged me, giving me the ability to choose a more generative relationship with myself & the things that I desire to have in my life... 

and it was my wayward soul that ultimately called me to a more artful way of living. 


Even through the heat of my struggles I somehow knew I was destined to help others who faced similar challenges; this is why I became a coach ten years ago.

I can honestly, hand-to-heart, say I've arrived at a place where I understand what it takes to live & do business authentically 

-- and now I'm truly honored to be sharing my experiences & passing along the insights I continue to glean from a road less traveled. 

If you feel called, I invite you to join my community for entrepreneurs, read my lifestyle blog, or reach out to inquire about my mentoring options. 

our endlessly cute little ginger kitty, who goes by the name of syntha

"Chandra really shines as a mentor when she shares her own stories of bewilderment & breakthrough...

and has been through the cosmic washing machine enough times to be a guiding light to others who are ready to re-landscape their lives.

She mentors with wisdom & heart. I like the way her mind works, the quantum connections she makes, and the nuances of her perspective that suddenly catalyze more clarity in me"

Giselle Jennaway

"Thank you, Chandra Nicole for the ride to enlightenment. You picked me up off the side of the road, in the most beautiful vehicle, took me to my destination and dropped me off.

Like a blissful taxi you transport people to thier destiny;  crystal clear windows, sift comfy seats, the most luxurious ride.

Eternally grateful for the transportation to my emancipation"

Amber Boyce