Pivot like a boss ass bitch and become the timeline jumping, shapeshifting, time bender you were always meant to be. 

No matter what your circumstances appear to be in this moment... your life has the potential to be WILDLY different in a very short period of time if that's your desire.

I do not believe it's necessary to trod along with a strategic plan, steady as she goes... meanwhile, things are happening in a logical manner and shit is unfolding through the sensible mechanics of your plan.


Does that bore you as much as it bores me?

I believe you can go from 0-60 in mere moments. 
I believe you can shapeshift before your very eyes into a wild new you.
I believe you can casually hop timelines as if it's no big thang. 
I believe you can bend time and space as if it were putty in your hands.

I believe you have the power to opt out of the illusions and limitations of space and time, to call forth illogically miraculous manifestations, whilst quantum leaping into a brand new life experience.

When the winds of change are blowing, 
the time is NOW...

And if you'd be willing to reach your hand out and grab that deep urge for change before it tumbles on by, you can harvest an ineffable divine multi-dimensional power from it and spin yourself around on a motherfucking dime, in no time at all.

Sound like some boss ass, magical shit?
well... it is.

and, I want to help you activate this superpower that lies dormant within you.

That's why I've decided to facilitate 

This is a ten-day workshop starting July 19th, where I will show you everything I know about how to turn your reality around in the snap of a few fingers and the blink of some lashes.

Join me, as we dive off the deep end of consensus reality and turn you into the timeline jumping, shapeshifting, time bender you were always meant to be.

It is my personal goal in this workshop to help you blow your own damn mind and alter your ideas about what's possible for you, FOREVER.

If you're serious about activating your divine Superpowers and creating some quick change in your life... Become a VIP to get a 20 minute private session as well as ten days of follow-up messenger mentoring to supercharge your workshop experience. 


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"The way Chandra channels divine information is so damn powerful, effortless & extremely inspiring. I am always in awe every time I listen to her speak. She is definitely my spirit animal! Hahahaha "

Natalya Vorona
Humbolt, CA

"What I love most about Chandra is that she lives her message & is living breathing proof of the truth she speaks. Her example has been an invaluable part of my journey back from the edge of depression. "

Calla Payne
Santa Barbara, CA

"Working with Chandra is a wonderful experience! I’ve healed old stories & judgments about who I think am and as a result; I’m more empowered and I’ve had major shifts in my ability to show up for myself, as well as receive the abundance I’ve been dreaming of in all areas of my life. Things are happening much more effortlessly & quickly for me now than ever before "

Angelique Singer
Denver, CO

"I've worked with other life coaches that have brought so much insight, but Chandra pushed the box further than I knew possible. It was another layer off the veil, but a deeper one. What she taught me was SO SIMPLE it took days to sink in. It was an eye opener as to how much we complicate things with our egoic minds. Thank you Chandra, for opening yet another realm of awakening."

Amanda Lynn
Plainview, MN

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