I'd like to invite you to consider your breath for a second... 
there's the inhale and there's the exhale, yes?

Now I'd like to ask you a question... 
which is good and which is bad?

You're probably thinking, "Ummmm Chandra, that's an absolutely absurd question to ask"... and you're right.

There is no wrongness or rightness about the process of breathing. It's simply a neutral process and the totality of it is required for your continued life here on earth.

Could you imagine if you declared the inhale good and the exhale bad, and then forever more tried to hold onto the inhale and resist the exhale? What would happen? Go ahead, try it. LOL

What's funny is, this is what we do every single day when we declare things right, wrong, good, bad, sacred and profane. We end up rejecting what we've deemed wrong and grasping at what we've deemed right. But the truth is, it's ALL YOU. The contraction and the expansion IS the breath of life. You cannot have one without the other. When you resist any of that process, you fragment yourself and literally resist your own life Source.

Your life source is the totality of all that is. Your life source is the condition-less love that transcends ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing. Your life source is enoughness, worthiness, completeness, wholeness in the here and now, no matter WHAT is going on. No matter what you're doing, thinking, experiencing... no matter what part of the process you're in. No matter whether your current moment is an inhale or an exhale. It's all okay and it's all necessary and it's all YOU.

As long as you continue to divide things into piles of right and wrong, you'll forevermore find yourself trying to hold onto "the good" and reject "the bad", which keeps you locked into judgments of self and others. This will have you fragmenting yourself into pieces as you declare the inhale "you" and the exhale "not you" This is bondage to the highest degree.

The key to your liberation is LOVE. The condition-less love of the source from which you spring, that knows no limits and understands the inhale and the exhale to be one seamless, continuous, infinite movement of life.

When you surrender your ideas of right and wrong you'll find yourself relaxing into the natural breath and rhythm of life... you'll allow the flow of life to power you, guide you, sustain you. You step through the portal that transcends this matrix of illusion and into the field beyond right-doing and wrong-doing (like Rumi says). THIS is where the true magic of YOU dwells... this is the playground of freedom you've been yearning for.

I'll meet you there? 

I'm gathering a coven of beautiful beings who are READY to transcend the matrix and dwell in the infinite field of possibility... 

The intention of this intimate alchemical coven experience: merge the light with the dark to render the totality divine & remember the Magic of You. 

This is a group of my inner circle peeps who know they’re here to embody their own full potential, realize their magical powers of intentional creation, activate their Midas touch and cause waves of transformation wherever they go.

For three months we’ll be conversing virtually and unifying our focus to call upon the energies of wholeness and universal wealth, as well as strengthening our channels to the divine so that we may allow our messages to spill forth unhindered and unfiltered.

This is about not only the purpose work that fulfills you, but it’s about allowing yourself to align with and actualize all the opportunities, resources, and monies you require to be you in the world, MORE… and to finally have the life you truly desire.

In order for you to be the messenger & magician, you came here to be, in the most potent way possible… you MUST THRIVE.

I’ve asked that those ready for the magic & miracles we’ll be caling forth in this group, to be sent HERE. So if you’re reading this and resonating, it’s no coincidence.


* A three-month virtual on-going conversation between us & the divine, hosted by Chandra Nicole - Mentor & Founder of Limitless Living Ministries (beginning December 1, 2017 on Voxer) 

* Lifetime Access to the 'Limitless Living Library' - an ever-expanding archive of resources for your limitless life 

* A full moon celebration day, on Bali (March 2, 2018) - LIVE coven communion with enlightening conversation, laughter, and music, with delicious earth foods & drinks prepared together with love, on the magical island of the gods.