You are 
Right now. 
Exactly as you are.

You don’t need to be any different 
You don’t need to do anything different
You don’t need to fix yourself. 
You don’t need to change yourself 
You don’t need to heal yourself
You don’t need to prove yourself 
You don’t need to overcome your bullshit blocks 
You don’t need to give more 
You don’t need to have more 
You don’t need to be more 
You don’t need to evolve more 
In order to be worthy of all you desire and more.

This is a fucking epidemic in the “spiritual” communities 
and there’s only one cure:


Be gentle with yourself. 
Celebrate YOU, because you’re epic! 
Embrace all that is and all that has been. 
Acknowledge yourself as the brilliant creator you are. 
Replace your regret with gratitude, your shame with praise, your guilt with dignity.

You are doing a GREAT job. 
You were bold AF to opt into this human experience, 
and for that you deserve all you desire and more.

Before you were even born you were worthy. 
You spring forth from fortune's greater than you can even imagine, which are YOURS by birthright.

There is absolutely NO THING you need to do or become in order to access what is inherently yours NOW…

Other than love all up on yourself. 

I can promise you, 
if you’d be willing to commit to a fostering a blissful love affair with yourself EVERYTHING else will fall into place all on it’s own.

Your perceived limits will dissolve all by themselves. 
Your floodgates of unconditional giving and receiving will burst wide open, and a life greater than you could ever imagine will be yours... in the most sustainable, rock solid, unwavering way possible.

Love is the portal to your limitlessness. 
Always has been, always will be.

No limits, just Love! 
This has been my battle cry for years 
And it remains the same today.

This has been my own personal practice and my cure for depression, co-dependency, eating disorders, alcoholism, mediocrity, and poverty... just to name a few.

I’m feeling called to scoop a small handful of you up in my arms and cradle you in compassion as we spend the whole month of October together practicing the art of Radical Self-Compassion so that you may viscerally know your ENOUGHNESS.

This is how you become the vibrational match for all that you’re wanting. 
This is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself, 
your loved ones… 
the world.

This is how you BE THE CHANGE.


~ I will remind you to return to yourself over, and over, and over again for this is where your truest truth resides.

~ I will help you foster a real conversation and relationship with your source.

~ I will serve as a representation of potentials and possibilities that live within you.

~ I will support you in strengthening your self-love muscle 

~ I will see the greatness in you that you can't see quite yet see yourself.

~ I will ask powerful questions to penetrate the limits that shut the gates to your divine flow.


The mentoring I do aways follows the flow of whatever presents itself through the group dynamic of informal conversation and questions. 

The primary intention for the month will be to play with perspectives of radical self-compassion in order to transcend self-judgment, guilt, shame, fear and in order to fall into the divinely magical flow of the ever loving source energy from which we spring.

I look forward to supporting you in falling madly in love with yourself, in becoming an even more POWERFUL deliberate creator, and in ushering in a brand new paradigm for your life.

~ Chandra Nicole