When you fully honor your deep soul desires and creative impulses, you flourish & thrive.

When you deny them... 
you stagnate and suffocate, slowly & secretly becoming lackluster, depressed and maybe even addicted.

You MUST become who you came here to be

This Gospel of Saint Thomas excerpt sums it up brilliantly: 

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

I know this to be true, because I personally have tried many many times over the years to suppress, ignore and/or otherwise deny what I know deep down I desire to be, have and do, and let's just say... it NEVER ends well. 

Perhaps you can relate? 

You have the power to say yes to what you really want, in this very moment.

You have the ability to collapse time,
morph into entirely new + expanded versions of yourself, 
and quantum leap into whole new worlds... right here, right now. 

You didn't materialize into this waking dream to play it safe and sit around in an illusion of security until you die...

You came to dream epic dreams and have a cosmic adventures. You manifested here to realize yourself as a wHoly Human, a demi-god, a magician of space + time.

You came here to get your hands in the malleable putty of form and mold it any which way you like.


If you feel like you're living a life you’ve outgrown ...

then it’s time to reactivate your divine creatorship, reinvent yourself, rise up, and dream wild new dreams once again. 


This is what I help my clients do. 

I help them get clear on what dream characters they want to play next and then I help them become that, as they behold their waking dreamscapes morph in reflection before their very eyes.

I believe you are a Divine Magician and have access to super powers far beyond your human perceptions. I believe you came here to know and embody your divinity in human form.

"Intense Practical Magic"
These are the words a client of mine once used to explain the work we do together…which couldn't more accurate.


I'm not interested in simply helping you shuffle things around in the physical world to create an appearance of change. I'm interested in shuffling things around in your Quantum World, where the only real and lasting change can happen.


You are significantly more energy than you are matter.

99.99999% more energy than matter, to be exact

That's a metaphysical fact.


It's when you forget this truth and rely solely on your tiny fraction of human power to create, that life feels hard, sticky, and laborious... not to mention boring AF.


When you remember your highest truth as infinite energy first and foremost, and then call on the faculties of your quantum world to create, you become lucid in this illusory dream of life.

When you're lucid, you effectively access and activate your Divine Magic, whereby the shifting of your life circumstances becomes exciting, miraculous, playful and a pure delight.


This is magic that produces real, tangible, sustainable results in the landscape of your waking dream.

That's why it's Practical Magic.


What's intense about it, is that in order to embody your magic the only thing you must do is stop pretending you're NOT magic... 

That may sound simply in theory, but it involves transcending some very human paradigms in favor of your supernatural truths. The human is often very committed to its beliefs about its limitations, and is VERY convincing... and so the experience of surrendering your limited self in favor of your Magical Self can often feel quite uncomfortable and intense.


That's why having a consistent mentor to hold the high watch, to spark lucidity in your waking dream, and to remind you of your innate GodSelf is extraordinarily helpful.

Hey, I'm Chandra Nicole... 

and I'm certifiably crazy about uncovering the truiest, sexiest, juiciest, highest freedom available to us humans.

I'm consistently inconsistent in most every way, except for this unexplainable lifelong devotion to ultimate liberation.

I'm a master at dismantling the limitations of your human consciousness, and serve as a catalyst for the activation of your "wHoly Human" which is the fully lucid, divine magician of space & time, you came here to be.

I help you remember the highest truth of who you are, decide who you want to be next, and then dream it awake. 


Activate your supernatural abilities to shapeshift, timebend & quantum leap into parallel realities with ease.

This is a private mentoring container designed for rapid transformation.

This is for you if...
the winds of a change are blowing
you’re willing to say YES to yourself and all that you desire. 
you’re ready to make BIG + FAST shifts in your life.

The work that we will do together has nothing to do with trudging through the “logicals and the linears” of your circumstances, to make reasonable progression. 

The work that we will do together is the ultimately liberating work of activating your divine abilities to bend time, shapeshift, and quantum leap into entirely new life experiences with ease and sustainability.

Through our work together, you will remember who-the-fuck-you-are... 


We will reimagine who you think you are & what you think you get to have... and, we will call upon your inherent creator faculties in the most potent and efficient manner possible, so to turn your life around on a dime beyond the paradigms of space and time.

You are faaaaaaar more powerful than you know, and the capabilities you’ll uncover and activate through our work together will truly blow your mind hole 😜🤯

To do this work with me, you have to be ready for the intensity of this practical magic. That's why I'm very very particular about the clients I take.

My flavor of Magic is very potent.

When you work with me we laser focus on the quantum world, to begin shifting the energy of your life immediately. 


It's an extremely high-level conversation and exploration, therefore you must have done a considerable amount of "Personal Development + Spiritual" groundwork to be ready for the work we will do together.

My clients are to the point in their Self Journeying that they've tapped into their ability to make decisions intuitively, as opposed to logically.

This is a necessary capacity you must possess in order to work with me because there is nothing logical about the worlds that we will dive into together.

The rational human will often even protest when just getting close to the decision to work with me because it knows that it's limitations don't stand a chance in the face of this practical magic... and so it will try to convince you of all the reasons why you should not move forward, and you have to be able to call on a higher faculty of decision making in order to override its protests.


Your human consciousness is programmed to protest.

It's just kind of the way it is.
It's not a bad thing.
It's simply a safety mechanism.


The question is:
Do you want to live a safe life?
Or do you want to live a magical life?

Do you want to keep your feet firmly on the ground?
Or do you want to rise up and fly?


Divine Magic is your birthright,
but so too is Free Will.

Only you can decide.

Most of the work I do with my clients revolves around creating influence and stardom and money and empires and romance, from the inside-out.

My clients keep me on retainer long term, because they find great value in having me in their back pockets always at the ready to spark their lucidity and trigger the remembrance of their innate godhead.

My clients are deeply self aware, have massive visions to dream awake and know that they deserve only the Gold Standard of support systems.


Quite simply,
they are Rising Stars.


If this is you and know that my energy and contributions would add greatly to your dream creation team, reach out through the button below to begin the application conversation. 

If you intuitively feel lead to reach out to me and learn more, I urge you to say yes to that internal invite because it is with purpose and has the potential to change your life forever.


~ Chandra Nicole



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