Liberate yourself from the number one magic killer - Shame - and become the epic magician you've always known yourself to be.

The most potent (and deadly) poison present in our society... is Shame.

It's wreaking havoc in your life and in the world... 

as the Number One killer of magic. 

Shame is born in the split between ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, and is a fundamental diversion from the Divine Attitude of unconditional Love, which is where your magic springs forth from.  

It's a deep divide in humanity, originating in the divided heart of the human.

The only antidote to this madness: 
Unify the heart of the human through the act of Loving with reckless abandon.

To adore yourself shamelessly, is to merge with yoru divinity and reinstate your magic, which is your practical ability to manifest what you desire in your life. This is a kind of unapologetic acceptance + adoration that will make no sense to the rational mind (which gets it's kicks off of false righteousness) 

It will appear absurd and potentially immoral to the human consciousness who loves its high horse...but it will feel absolutely delicious to the divinity within.

To practice shamelessness is an audacious move in a world that clings so desperately to notions of good and bad.Yet, for those who are willing to do it, the reward is supreme freedom.


I think it was Jim Carrey who said, 

"when you truly don't care what the fuck anyone thinks of you, you've reached a dangerous level of freedom."

To be truly shameless is not rebellious indignation, in fact... it's the ability to be able to see straight through the human condition with compassion.To be truly shameless IS to be liberated into your very own divinity, and to be able to clearly see the divinity in all others, regardless of their presentation + circumstance.

This is the change that will not only change YOUR world but the whole world.

And I believe the time has come to step the fuck up and meet once in for all in that field beyond right-doing and wrong-doing, that Rumi talks about...for it is there that all the treasures you're looking for can and will be found. 


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"The way Chandra channels divine information is so damn powerful, effortless & extremely inspiring. I am always in awe every time I listen to her speak. She is definitely my spirit animal! Hahahaha "

Natalya Vorona
Humbolt, CA

"What I love most about Chandra is that she lives her message & is living breathing proof of the truth she speaks. Her example has been an invaluable part of my journey back from the edge of depression. "

Calla Payne
Santa Barbara, CA

"Working with Chandra is a wonderful experience! I’ve healed old stories & judgments about who I think am and as a result; I’m more empowered and I’ve had major shifts in my ability to show up for myself, as well as receive the abundance I’ve been dreaming of in all areas of my life. Things are happening much more effortlessly & quickly for me now than ever before "

Angelique Singer
Denver, CO

"I've worked with other life coaches that have brought so much insight, but Chandra pushed the box further than I knew possible. It was another layer off the veil, but a deeper one. What she taught me was SO SIMPLE it took days to sink in. It was an eye opener as to how much we complicate things with our egoic minds. Thank you Chandra, for opening yet another realm of awakening."

Amanda Lynn
Plainview, MN

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