So check this out...

I’ve grown SUPER passionate about helping other paradigm shifters, game changers and enlightened entrepreneurs like me and so, as you probably know if you've made it this far, I’m initiating a High Society of like-hearted souls.

YOU - the messengers, the healers, the mentors, the writers and the speakers - are here to serve as the new world thought leaders


You are my people and who I’m being guided to work with in the most intimate capacity.


It is my desire to support you in freeing yourself on ALL levels so that you may do YOUR work in the world in the most self-expressed, most authentic & most connected-to-all-that-is way.

This is obviously about remembering your truth, it’s about unapologetically saying YES to it and expressing that in your own unique voice & way,

It’s also about ushering in the vast resources that allow for you to do that sustainably, as well as support the lifestyle you desire.

It’s about claiming the totality of your cosmic gifts and loves, and treasures, and joys, and choosing to have it all.

 but even more than that...

it’s about the daily devotion to inner alchemy & personal transformation by connecting with the divine. 


You cannot change a game, or shift a paradigm without embodying it first... because you ARE the change you wish to see in your world.


There is no strategy to what we do, other than calling upon universal guidance & stepping out of the way, in order to receive all that’s meant for you... 

 So where do I come in?


One of my gifts is I always know exactly what’s going on & why you create blocks within yourself or hide from your truth, and I help you get to the core of what that is in order to shift it & take aligned action, generally within minutes.

We do this simply by following the flow of our natural conversations, for we trust that wherever they take us is THE PLACE that will reveal what we most need to explore…

from life to business, to sex, to travel, to relationships, to money - there is no topic off limits because at the end of the day it all leads us to the same place; back home to ourselves. 


The specifics of what you will receive when you become a member of the High Society are:  

  • Bi-weekly Virtual High Society Roundtable meetings

  • Access to my other programs & memberships at no extra cost

  • Access to events/ other random things I do at no extra cost (aside from private mentoring events)

  • Unlimited Voxer access to myself & the group, as mentioned

  • Minimum of one LIVE High Society Roundtable event, in person each year with me! (Next event will be held in early 2019, date & location TBA)


Most of my clients check in daily, if not more often… so what I encourage is the day-to-day conversation as that’s where the biggest shifts occur… and also, where our relationship with one another and with the rest of our group is formed.

Which is one of the biggest values of being part of this society, as well as one of my highest hopes… that we form lifelong friendships within this group, both in and out of business.

I fully expect to collaborate with the members of the High Society via joint ventures, adventures, retreats, etc. As well, I see a high probability of you collaborating with others in the group.


So as you can see, this is not just about working with me and it’s not just about tapping into your infinite truth… but it’s really about being part of an intentional group of powerful Game Changers stepping into the lives they were born for AND having an epic time doing so, together!

If this is for you, you KNOW it... 

Because you are intuitive AF, you listen to your gut, you follow your heart, you make your decisions from your soul, and only from your soul. 

If you KNOW this is for you, Click below... 


There is 12 month upfront commitment to become a member of the High Society, followed by the option to renew after that.

Please note that the available spots at the current price are limited. 

The membership dues for this premier group increases by $500-1000/month for every few people that join, because this is intended to eventually be a high-end mastermind for new world thought leaders <-- that's YOU.  

Basically, you get massively rewarded for saying a fast YES right now and being one of the founders of this brand new Society! Not to mention the fact that in it’s early days the group will be it’s smallest... so you’ll get the biggest support for the tiniest price.

Whatever the amount of dues you pay today when you sign up, is the price you get to keep as long as you stay current on your membership without lapse.

Awesome, right?! 

This is a group I foresee becoming great friends and creating together for YEARS and I'm so freakin' excited about the powerful leaders who are showing up. 

We will be getting started on September 1...but as soon as you sign up we will begin our private work together via Voxer. 

If this is for you, you KNOW it... wait, did I already say that? ;)