FY! Mastermind

You've always been a rebel of sorts - not really caring to do what everyone said you had to do.

Knowing deeeeep down within, that there was a different way - that you were born for more. 

Wanting... longing to be fully YOU in every sense of the word - AND be wealthy AF.

But somewhere along the line, someone convinced you that, not only is it selfish to want it all -- but that it's just not possible.

You must sacrifice. You can only have this OR that. Just be grateful with what you have!  

Well, Fuck That! 

What if you could be grateful for what you currently have AND have extravagant dreams -- eager and excited for what's to come... always expanding, always growing, always experiencing more. 

Popping out of bed every single morning with a Fuck Yeah! 

Not only can you HAVE IT ALL... you owe it to the world. In fact, I say it's selfish of you NOT to live your Fuck Yeah! life.

What might you create, what might you become, what might you contribute if you were to free yourself from the bondage of 'either or'?  If you were to know your limitlessness? If you were to grow a lions heart and roar your gifts into the world?

I get the feeling... no, I KNOW there is something MASSIVE within you waiting to be unleashed on the world. 

Will you let it out? 

Or will you stay quiet. Stay "selfless"?  Play it safe? 



If you're ready to commit 1001% to your Fuck Yeah! life, you are in the right place. We created this space for Leaders, Creatives & Entrepreneurs who are ready to, once and for all, HAVE IT ALL.

We understand how scary it can feel to unleash your power, how unfamiliar it can feel to embody big wealth, how unsure it can feel to make those life changing Fuck Yeah! decisions.

... and so we made this for YOU. 

Because if you're gonna do this thing, it sure as hell would feel better to know you're not only equipped with the tools, the strategies, and the mindset you require--  but that you've got a couple of powerful guides and a community of Fuck Yeah! Lifers on your side.  

You're ready to dig deep, pull up everything the infinite version of you has always known to be true, tap into your Universal Trust Fund, and 

unleash the authentic YOU onto your world.

You can be you AND get paid for it. How about that ;) 

Our Fuck Yeah! Mastermind program is for leaders, creatives & entrepreneurs who are committed to, devoted to, UNWILLING to settle for less. You want to dig deep within, pull up your brilliance, share your true self with the world, and make wild money doing it. 

If you know you could benefit from the wisdom, daily support, and strategies from a couple professional transition artists, shapeshifters, deliberate creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs who understand what it's like to want it all and to create in spite of "reality"... then this is the place for you. 

Do you want money AND time? Money AND freedom? Money AND fulfillment? 

What are you waiting for? 

Join the Fuck Yeah! Mastermind today and get ready to be fully committed to tapping into your potential once and for all, make your visions a reality, and realize dreams you never even knew you had. 

We KNOW that you are capable beyond belief and that if only you say YES and show the fuck up, that you really truly (really) CAN have it all. 

But you have to be willing to do the work, on repeat. You've gotta be in it for the long haul. This shit isn't complicated, but it does take strong choice and devotion and the tenacity to show up every damn day in favor of your Fuck Yeah Life. 

If you're ALL IN -- we invite you to get selfish, break the rules of what you've been told is possible, and join us in the Fuck Yeah Mastermind! 

Get ready to make kickass deliberate creator friends, have a friggin' BLAST, and step powerfully into the life that's always been waiting for you. 


No Limits. Just Love - 

Chandra Nicole & McKenzie Victoria 



The Fuck Yeah! Mastermind is only $222/month for everything listed here and so much more!

You'll get FULL ACCESS to the insane amounts of content and support available to you in the Fuck Yeah! Mastermind. 


  • CLARITY WORKSHOP - seven day intensive to help you get clear on what you want NOW 
  • COURAGE WORKSHOP - seven day intensive to help you gain the confidence to show up powerfully in faith & pursue your desires 
  • CONSISTENCY WORKSHOP - seven day intensive to help you focus daily on what really matters 
  • MIRACULOUS MONEY MONTH (Happening August 2017) - 30 days to help you foster a healthy relationship with money so it can show up miraculously & abundantly in service of your desires
  • NEW LIVE CONTENT WEEKLY - based on your questions & desired topics, archived in your library for your convenience 

PLUS, you'll gain access to the secret FY! Mastermind FB Group where you'll become part of the most supportive & badass family of deliberate creators you ever will meet. 

You will have access to these programs immediately upon joining which will help you get a jump start on your Fuck Yes! life.  

If you don't love it -- we're not gonna make you stay! This is a month-to-month, contract-free Mastermind. You can leave anytime, but you're not gonna want to because you won't find the amount of personalized coaching you'll receive here for this price, anywhere else. 

In addition, WE'RE GIVING YOU YOUR FIRST 7 DAYS AS A GIFT! Come on in, meet the FY! Fam, do a Workshop, say YES to your desires, Feel it out! 

If this is the place for you, you'll know it because it will feel like a reverberating Fuck Yeah!... if not, simply cancel before the end of your 7-day trial and know that we love you anyways <3