For a long time, I was confused by my own teachings.
The messages that were flowing through me seemed to be contradictory...

they were (and still are) this weird mish-mash of woowoo-metaphysical-life-is-just-an-illusion...


get-Bold-AF-and-live-your-fuck-Yes-life !!!


I spent a lot of time sorting through my inner conflict around my own messaging (years) and ended up coming out on the other side VERY CLEARLY understanding that both of these camps of knowledge are vital to what I’m called to remember & activate in the others - which is the embodiment of the wHoly Human. 

To be the wHoly Human is to become the fully lucid, divine magicians of space & time, you came here to be.

It's to know yourself as... 

physical & non-physical
mortal & immortal
none of it & all of it

...the dream character you play
& the dreamer of it all. 

I have found that not only can the most freedom be found at the juxtaposition of this paradox, but also your full powers of deliberate creatorship. 

I’m not here to help you escape the dream and transcend this physical plane.

I’m here to help you embody the wholeness of your divinity WHILE in the human dream, so you can play with the world of form as a wild, bold, liberated creator.

I’m here to merge the sacred + the profane, and render it all divine.
I’m here to Empower + Enlighten, simultaneously.

This to me is true freedom.
This is the paradox I’m mastering and help my people master as well.

The truth is...
You are ALL of it.

... and until you allow yourself to know and have this truth, 
you will continue to feel a sense of bondage by way of self-denial; whether it be a little niggling annoyance of a shackle or a straight-up all-consuming prison.

To deny my physical world desires as some spiritualities suggest,
DOES NOT work for me.
Yet, to pursue physical world satisfaction in denial of my connection to and as, the Source Dreamer, DOES NOT work for me either.

Perhaps you can relate? 

The one thing I know about myself for sure is that I'm certifiably crazy about uncovering the sexiest, juiciest, highest freedom available to us humans.
I'm consistently inconsistent in almost every way, except for this unexplainable lifelong devotion to ultimate liberation.

To dance freely in the paradoxical riddle of this multi-dimensional existence, both human + god is to master lucidity in this dream we like to call “life”

For myself, and the people I work with...
becoming full time lucid in the dream of life as the Embodiment of the wHoly Human is ultimate liberation. The Holy Grail. 
...and just plain what-the-fuck we’re here to do 😜

If you’ve been searching and searching and searching for the teachings % the community that feels like liberation to you, and just can’t seem to find 'your home' (like I was) you are probably my people.
What we are here to remember is something altogether different than most of what’s being shared and taught.
If my words spark a remembrance in your soul and feel like a sigh of relief, then you are in the right place.

I’m here for you.
For us.

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Until Next Time...