Money is not supposed to be hard to come by... did you know this?

In our society we celebrate the fuck out of hard work, hustling, and efforting our way to the top. No pain, no gain they say!

Can you feel in your heart how bullshitty this is?!
Personally, this never felt correct to me either.

I resisted it for a long time and even labeled myself as irresponsible, wishy washy & lazy because I just didn't want to make myself do what everyone was telling me I had to do to make money.

I even rebelled and declared that I'd rather be broke than do shit I didn't want to do. I refused to trade my life for dollars.

Perhaps you can relate? 

I traveled that dollar-less road for awhile, but then discovered that being broke didn't work for me either, and in fact, I realized that poverty was even more of a prison than working hard for money was.

And so, I had to find a new way.

I discovered that through the power of deliberate focus, I could create a new reality in which money showed up easily.

I now never ever do hard work in exchange for money. I take only inspired actions and money flows MUCH more easily & freely.

This changed my experience with money so much, that I wanted to share what I applied to my life with YOU.


"I have been participating in the Easy Money Masterclass...

and about three days into the program my bank account has more money in it than ever before!"

 - Brie Marie

"Five days into the Easy Money Masterclass, I got a promotion and a raise!
I know my thoughts and your inspiration are the reason for this, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I am really grateful for you reminding me how easy money really is if you just use your mind and focus."

- Kelly Whitaker 


I believe that life gets to be easy for you. And if your desires include a buttload of money, then I believe that should be easy too. 

You are a VERY powerful creator, whether you realize it or not, and the truth is that things change, when you change the way you look at things. 

... MONEY changes,
when you change the way you look at money. 

 I know what's it's like to struggle financially. I've so fucking been there. 

I know what it's like to get evicted, stand in line at the food bank, sleep in my car on the beach or in an abandoned boat in the harbor. 

I know what it's like to change my mind about how I relate about money, to raise my standards and to align myself with my natural flow of abundance. 


I want this information in the hands of those who need it most - YOU - and so I've bundled together three of my most wildly popular money workshops, at an insanely low price. 

Here's what you'll receive when you purchase the Big, $exy, Easy Money Workshop Bundle: 


a very practical lauchpad for retraining your brain to focus in a way that illuminates your innate abundance and allows money to flow like honey, sweet & delicious in your life. 


a collection of 21 perspective shifting audios, designed to help you start changing your beliefs about what's available to you and about how much money you get to have. 


a two hours workshop overflowing with paradigm shifts for the serial overcomer, to help you ditch the struggle and flip the switch on ease-filled manifestation anytime you like. 

Money and I have been like a high school fling for as long as I can remember...flirty and cute, with no commitment and full of questions.

Since I started working directly with Chandra I received direction on how to dial in my "feeling body" and realize what my relationship with money REALLY is!

In a very short period of time money has been revealed as stable, abundant, stress free, and fun! I love this woman and her unveiling of what we all ARE! And holy shit...we are rich!

~ Melissa Castor 

If what you're doing now isn't working, doing more of it won't change anything.

Something has gotta give and I can promise you the answer is not to work more or work harder.... 

There IS an easier way.  

"Three days into the Easy Money Masterclass I signed a client to my most expensive coaching package.

One week into the Big $exy Money Party I had already crushed the goal I set for myself for the month and by the end of week two I had created more money in my biz than I did all of last year.

Chandra has helped me expand my wealth consciousness and entire mindset around the life I'm living and creating.

I'm F*ing excited about my life again!!"

~ Kelly Grignon 

When the financial struggles are real, something's gotta give.... money is NOT supposed to be this hard. 

But unfortunately, money can't change the way it's shows up in your life without you first changing the way you show up for money. 

This series of programs, audios and workshops is a practical launchpad for retraining your brain to focus in a way that illuminates your innate abundance and allows money to flow like honey, sweet & delicious, in your life. 

Isn't it about time you let money be easy? 

Big Easy $exy Money Workshop Bundle

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"The way Chandra channels divine information is so damn powerful, effortless & extremely inspiring. I am always in awe every time I listen to her speak. She is definitely my spirit animal! Hahahaha "

Natalya Vorona
Humbolt, CA

"What I love most about Chandra is that she lives her message & is living breathing proof of the truth she speaks. Her example has been an invaluable part of my journey back from the edge of depression. "

Calla Payne
Santa Barbara, CA

"Working with Chandra is a wonderful experience! I’ve healed old stories & judgments about who I think am and as a result; I’m more empowered and I’ve had major shifts in my ability to show up for myself, as well as receive the abundance I’ve been dreaming of in all areas of my life. Things are happening much more effortlessly & quickly for me now than ever before "

Angelique Singer
Denver, CO

"I've worked with other life coaches that have brought so much insight, but Chandra pushed the box further than I knew possible. It was another layer off the veil, but a deeper one. What she taught me was SO SIMPLE it took days to sink in. It was an eye opener as to how much we complicate things with our egoic minds. Thank you Chandra, for opening yet another realm of awakening."

Amanda Lynn
Plainview, MN

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