Seeing as how you've  made your way here, I'm assuming you're one of those "big vision people" ;)

You're an artist, a creator, an influencer, an entrepreneur, a waymaker...  who just so happens to have huge, unconventional dreams in your heart.

You're an enterprising, artful human who's audaciously appointing yourself as ‘the one’, marching to the beat of your own drum, and forging your own unique path.

Deep down you know you're destined to rise into your own version of success in your chosen and/or self-crafted field…

you also know that you were never meant to do it like the others.

The thing that's rare about you is that you will not, cannot, won't ever give up on what’s in your heart to create.

You can’t NOT do it.

This is what you’ve always been meant for; it simply won’t go away (even despite your attempts to make it do so. Lol)

The fact is, it's woven into the fabric of who you are, and have always been.

You are unconditionally committed to answering the call and breathing life into your dreams.

You are going all in on yourself, your business, your art.

You are committed to your destiny, no matter what…

and you are devoted to doing it in a way that’s satisfying on a soul level; in a way that honors your needs, desires & requirements on all levels; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially.

You won’t be held back

You're determined to find a way...

and, you know you deserve world class support as you go

Quite simply put, you're a rising star...
and you are my kind of people ❥ 

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Xx Chandra Nicole