What My Birthday Scooter Accident Showed me

Oct 17, 2020

This past week I had a birthday (42nd, if your inquiring mind wants to know )

I had a whole day of activities lined up in celebration of my self, but my festivities were cut short when at 10:30 am, on my way to the spa, I got into a scooter accident.

Instead of the revelry I had intended, I wound up at the hospital for Xrays and stitches and I spent the day in a heap of physical pain.

At first, I was like, what-in-the-actual-fuck! It's my birthday man, why today of all days?! Lol

However, I have come to be a firm believer that things don't "just happen" to me.

As challenging as it may be to accept sometimes, I know there is always, always, always a deeper purpose for everything that occurs in my life which is serving my highest desires, and working to activate my greatest potential.

When I am able to suspend my judgments of what is occurring, the wisdom always reveals itself.

There are many things that this somewhat dramatic birthday helped me to become aware of...

One is just how...


Love Yourself Wealthy

Oct 15, 2020

If you make money the source of your value, your worthiness, your wealth... you’re in for a very bumpy, rollercoaster of a financial ride.

(I know this cuz I’ve done it)

The thing is, deep down you’ve always known that someday you would be rich, and maybe you’ve even known that fucktons of money is *meant* to be yours.

And the truth is, YES! you get to be wildly wealthy; it is your divine birthright...

but know this:
you’re just as worthy & valuable now as you will be when you have the millions and in fact, if you don’t feel worthy before the money, no amount of cash in the bank will ever fill the gaping hole in your heart where the value of your own self-love should be.

I know many people with lots of money, who are miserable... perhaps you’re one of them?

If you want to be truly, sustainably rich, you must Love Yourself Wealthy.

Be rich in person first, fill yourself up on your own intrinsic, unconditional value... and then eventually, it will...