Shapeshifter Day 16 - Catch the Rainbow

Oct 28, 2019

What am I making real that's not?

This is one of my favorite questions, which I've been asking myself for years.

It started with an awareness that most of my life dramas were literally frothed up by nothing more than my very own choice of focus...

which then eventually expanded into the understanding that what I perceived to be life itself, is nothing more than a figment of my imagination.

These days, this question has the power to instantly snap me into the lucid remembrance that I am indeed the dreamer of the dream, of which there are infinite emanations... none more real than the next.

What am I making real that's not?

This question has the power to remind me that I am a divine story teller, weaving epic cosmic tales which have been told for eons.

The stories I tell - truly no more serious or real than a drama that rivets theatre goers or a movie that enthrals cinema lovers.

The emanations of the dream;
Shifting with the slightest
of eternal breezes.

I remember...


Shapeshifter Day 15 - Integrity

Oct 27, 2019

I just got home from an amazing, fulfilling and long ass day of scooting and beaching and exploring all over this island, and I swear to god a bed has never felt better than this bed feels right now.

What I'd really like to do in this very moment, is close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

I most definitely don't feel like writing...

however, I decided on my birthday two weeks ago that this was the year I step fully into the next evolution of me and one of the aspects of the next evolution of me is that I write, I write daily, and I write daily to share.

This is important to me for many deep and meaningful reasons, that I won't get into here tonight as it's not vital to the message that wants to come through right now...

but just know that writing every day and more specifically, writing something to share every day, is pertinent to the next character I'm choosing to play.

A big part of Shapeshifting into a new evolution of Self, or what I like to call a new 'Dream Character'...


Shapeshifter Day 14 - The Lair

Oct 26, 2019

Today was a day spent holed up in “The Lair”

The Lair is any space I can carve out for my own, make dark and cool, light candles, burn incense, diffuse essential oils, and drink coffee…

presently speaking,
it’s my hotel room here in Bali.

I’m called to this sort of temple-like cocoon frequently, in fact the amount of time I spend alone in the Lair could be considered copious, by many’s standards.

I often say that I require it, but I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate.
I think I just truly desire & enjoy it.

You could call me an introvert, but I like to think of myself as more of a creative genius 

There's truly not much I love more than basking in my own is-ness, traversing my inner landscapes, asking probing questions of my Self, connecting with my Source, and conceptualizing entire worlds from my curiosities.

If I were to paint a charicature of myself, it might look some sort of sexy mad scientist that regularly locks...


Shapeshifter Day 13 - Breaking Up

Oct 25, 2019

I got a text message from my mom this morning that said, “Hi baby girl. I don't mean to pry, it's your life, However, I read one of Aaron's posts and I got the impression that maybe you are breaking up?”

I didn’t respond because the story leading up to this question felt too complicated to tell in an iMessage, and paradoxically the answer to that question felt too simple to make any sense without the story.

I've been feeling like I've wanted to talk about my relationship with Aaron for awhile now, but I didn't for two reasons; the first being because I didn't wish to infringe on his privacy by sharing details that involved him, the second being that I've been in kind of a long season of processing our experience together.

I'm still in that season to be honest, however, at this time to share about it here feels like a powerful next step towards the end of this particular season.

So Mother, thank you for the message this morning, which inspired this post 



Shapeshifter Day 12 - When Faith Really Counts

Oct 23, 2019

Today’s shapeshifter post comes not from me, but from my brilliant tandem soul 

What she talks about in this piece of writing is, if you ask me, one of the most challenging aspects of Shapeshifting into the next evolution of yourself.

Devotion to mastery of what she’s pointing to, is paramount to dreaming awake the life experience you truly desire.

Read her words, feel her heart, get inspired, and then reach out to her if your intuition nudges you that way... because she’s currently taking clients and I can assure you that her spots will fill up quickly.

To be in the presence of McKenzie is to be loved, it’s to be honored and it’s to seen like never before.

Just to be in her energy is to have your paradigms of unworthiness melt away, and it’s to have your life radically altered.

I’ve watched this girl for years and I’ve seen it happen more times than I could possibly count, where the people are drawn to her like moths to a flame,...


Shapeshifter Day 11 - The Happy Dream

Oct 23, 2019

What you resist, you keep. 
What you embrace, you transcend.

For a long time I’ve been talking and teaching about this concept and here’s why:
It’s what I most need to remember. Lol

And, because it’s the key to dreaming a happy dream of life, contrary to the belief of the fragmented human.

The fragmented version of the human mind is a twisty, labyrinth of a place. It has a tendency to want to focus on shit you don’t like, then convince you that you need something different - frothing up all sorts of resistance in the process, and thennnn…

it can even do this thing where you get yourself out of the situation you didn’t want and then it will get you romanticizing about how good the thing you once had was.

This is how the human maintains it’s status quo of separation, dissatisfaction, and addiction.

Not to mention the fact that it keeps you at arms length from the truth that you are not just merely a human, but a wHoly Human who just...


Shapeshifter Day 10 - Letting go

Oct 22, 2019

Part of our inability to Shapeshift with ease arises from an incessant need to grasp onto previous identities and their associated manifestations.

You can’t hold onto things in their current form and become something new at the same time…

yet the human freaks in the face of the unknown and so often we resist our own evolution and end up in a life that fits like a pair of pants we outgrew three grades ago in elementary school.

Funnily enough, that’s not much more comfortable than just simply embracing the discomfort of change.

If ever I find myself wrestling with this understanding I always come back to the lessons of transformation as taught by the butterfly.

Did you know that when a caterpillar becomes encased in its chrysalis, it’s not in that dark womb just simply sprouting wings on it’s existing body…

it’s actually deconstructing itself into a primordial goo and from that primordial goo, it reassembles itself into an entirely new form....


Shapeshifter Day 9 - Lazy Imaginations

Oct 21, 2019

Evolution is pretty much guaranteed,
however, the speed of evolution is a choice.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care to hang out on the evolutionary slow track… I much prefer the fast track.

I refuse to tolerate the bondage of addictions and co-dependencies for centuries more, I choose to liberate myself now.

The way I see it, there’s no lifetime more appropriate to dream awake heaven on earth, than the one I’m living right now.

I get to decide how fast I expand into greater and greater versions of myself, and I’m wise enough to know that who I think I am is simply a collection of memories from the past.

This life, this world, this reality, this personality… it’s nothing but a dream…

and I’m aware that I have the power to dream awake any version I desire.

Who we “are” is simply a figment of our imaginings.

When we get lazy with our imaginations, we rely on our subconscious programmings to decide who we...


Shapeshifter Day 8 - 100% That Bitch

Oct 20, 2019

I’m only on day 8 of a 365 day Shapeshifting Journey which I’m documenting publicly, and already I’ve had several people message me telling me that they’re soooo excited for the book they predict I’ll be writing and that I should start readying myself for the end of my relative anonymity because I’m on the cusp of transitioning into a much more public personality. Lol

This is super fun evidence of the new version of me I’m powerfully stepping into, who just so happens to be a prolific author, soul-stirring speaker, and Spiritual Advisor to the Stars… not to mention a bitchin’ businesswoman and epic empress 

It’s amazing how quickly manifestations can pop into the hologram of your life when you really devote yourself to the next evolution of you… and it’s sososo important to scout out and celebrate every little piece of evidence that shows up indicating you’re on the right track.

At the same time,...


Shapeshifter Day 7 ~ The Malleability of People

Oct 19, 2019

People are not quite what you think they are.

We have a tendency to think that people just "are who they are"... but that could be further from the ultimate truth.

The ultimate truth is that just like in the rest of the Dreamscape we call “life”, people are shapeshifting all the time to show up as the version that exactly matches your expectations and paradigms.


I have to remind myself of this ALL the time.


I find it far easier to stay lucid to the fact that my general circumstances in life are my reflection, and far more challenging to take radical responsiblity for the way that the people in my life show up.


It's so easy to say, "that's just how they are" and dismiss the fact that just like the people in my dreams at night, the people in my waking dream are simply an illusory projection of my psyche.


What's crazy is that when I really honestly entertain this deep esoteric wisdom and embody it, I observe the people in my dreamscape morphing...