Shapeshifter Day 26 - momentous waves of gratitude

Nov 07, 2019

Every day I go to my journal to write my dreamscape into existence. Some days the words flow like a river, and other days I stare blankly at the black screen of my computer feeling sticky AF.

The key to calling forth what you desire in your life, is really as simple (and as complicated) as feeling in this now moment, the feelings of your desired future life. By universal law, your dreamscape will reflect back to you ever-expanding energetic equivalents to that.

Often I write about my future in real time, as if it were happening now in order to put myself into the feeling state of it.

However, on the days when I can't quite reach the future self I'm choosing to Shapeshift into, what I always turn to is gratitude.

I start with the little things that feel easy to appreciate, like my villa and coffee and sunsets and what’s really amazing is that the little easy to appreciate things quite naturally and quickly lead into finding greater and greater perfection in my life.

This is...


Shapeshifter Day 25 ~ baby steppin' fast as fuck

Nov 06, 2019
It really is incredible how quickly a new habit can take form.
When I committed to writing daily shapeshifter posts less than a month ago, I had to set a reminder to do it every day so that I wouldn't forget.
I had to start early in the morning because I was so out of the flow of writing that I knew it might take me the whole day to put a post together.
I often felt like I didn't know what to say and many days I had to force myself to sit down and place my fingers on the keys, even though I did not feel like it one little bit.
Now, only 25 days later...
I no longer have to depend on an alarm or a to-do list to make sure my writing gets done. I can sit down any time of the day to write and trust that the words will flow, even late at night when I feel tired.
In fact, I recently noticed that if I sit down to write when I feel exhausted, partway through my post I become energized.
Writing has become a...

Shapeshifter Day 24 ~ the light & the way

Nov 05, 2019
An excerpt from my Journal, November 2007
"I believe that my journey thus far has been setting me up for my life’s work; Guiding those who feel lost, who feel a tug deep down in the depths of their soul. Wanting to live a full, meaningful life. Struggling to be the best that they can be, but not knowing where to begin.
My passion and work will be to help these people if they so desire. To aid them in digging up and clearing out the muck that we acquire the first part of our lives, so as to expose the true self.
I hope to be a beacon for the sacredness of each individual's truth.
12 years ago, and even waaaaay before that -
I KNEW what I was here to do.
I was crystal clear about it in my journaling and in my intentions.
My process of honoring & embodying my knowing, however...
well. THAT is a whole 'nother story - one I really love to be very transparent...

Shapeshifter Day 23 - it's all working out

Nov 03, 2019

Today's post is going to be short and to the point, as I find myself at the end of a very long, busy, exhausting, but amazing day. I'm feeling sleepy and fulfilled and not full of too many words, other than Life is pretty fucking magical and unexpecting in the most delightful ways.

For the past two months, I've been staying in a hotel here in Bali called "Semimpi" which in Balinese means "like a dream" (so very in alignment with the message I share... obvi)

However, today I got the keys to a sweet little two-bedroom, three-bath villa, with a pool.

I wanted to tell you the story of how this villa came into my life, but it's gonna have to wait for another day.

Just know that it showed up through the least likely of scenarios, and in a way that at first glance could have been interpreted as an unfavorable event.

It's a hilarious story, really, which I look forward to sharing properly when I have more fuel in my tank.

What I know for sure tonight, as I sink into the bed of this new...


Shapeshifter Day 22 - Moments Matter

Nov 02, 2019

 To Shapeshift into the next version of you begins with an intention... but that intention is carried out and realized with the moment-by-moment decisions you make.

These moments take devotion, they take audacity and they take tenacity.

In other words -
it takes commitment and balls to become who you say you want to be. lol


What you want to be could range anywhere from a first-time entrepreneur, to rich-as-fuck, to an enlightened Jesus like guru.

Whatever you want to be, you do have the power to imagine yourself all the way to it, but it's going to mean believing in something you don't yet have evidence of.

It's going to mean, dismissing a whole lot of ideas that have nothing to do with the new version of you.

It's going to mean showing the fuck up for what you say is most important to you, even when you don't necessarily feel like it.

It's going to mean, mastering self-awareness so that you can identify the thoughts, feelings, and actions you're entertaining that no...


Shapeshifter Day 21 - do what you love!

Nov 02, 2019
I'm realizing lately, more than ever, how so very important it is to do the things you love and to do them as often as possible...
To engage in the activities that bring you indescribable joy is like a life hack for connection to your source dreamer. It's a portal into timelessness. It's a wormhole into entirely new worlds. It's a shortcut to your very own alignment.
And what I'm seeing so clearly, is that it's important to do those things even when you don't feel especially inspired to do them.
This week on multiple occasions, I have truly just not felt inspired to write, although I fucking love writing.
Yet, I showed up anyway.
Today I facilitated an online workshop for my private facebook group. It was scheduled for early in the morning Bali time, I didn't want to get out of bed, I honestly felt kind of crabby, and I was all in my head about what I might talk about...
Yet, I showed up anyway.
And on...

Shapeshifter Day 20 - Habits of Being

Nov 01, 2019

I’m showing up every day in honor of the new me I’ve declared, even when I don’t want to.

I’m honoring the fuck out of myself, even when it’s scary to do so.

I’m being more radically and authentically me, than ever before.

I’m shamelessly saying admitting the truths that feel hard to speak out loud.

I’m setting boundaries with conviction, founded purely in self-integrity and love.

I’m only on the twentieth day of my next level Shapeshifter journey and I’m celebrating the fuck out of myself.

I'm not even three weeks into making some really powerful new choices for my life, and already things are changing, shifting, morphing in my world has

I’m feeling more inspired and self-expressed than ever.

The relationship dynamics with my lover have been shuffled & restructured in the name of freedom.

I have clarity in my heart about what I want to dream awake next and how to do that.

More people have been inquiring about my...


Shapeshifter Day 19 - Arbitrary Rules

Oct 30, 2019

I’ve been hanging out in Bali as an expat for the past two months.
I fucking love Bali. It’s one of my favorite places, ever.

I fell in love with it two years ago when I came for the first time with my daughter, and spent four months here.

I love how it smells permanently of bonfires and incense here.
I love how you can often hear melodic chanting and the crow of roosters, drifting over the landscape at dawn.
I love eating all the fresh, colorful and artfully presented foods
I love drinking flat whites in the endless array of vibey cafes
I love how the humidity makes my skin feel all dewy and alive
I love the feeling of freedom and wind on my face as I scoot through vibrant green rice terraces.
I love feeling badass as I weave in and out of mad city traffic
I love that this place is called the Island of Gods.
I love how easy the living feels here for me.

I could literally go on and on about the things I love about this place.

To me, Bali is the perfect fusion of sacred...


Shapeshifter Day 18 - Beyond Problems

Oct 30, 2019

I used to think that a limiting thought was a problem to solve.

Self-awareness was a high priority for me and so I was hyper aware of the limiting thoughts I was having which I then believed I had to dive into it, dissect it, and figure out... almost as if they were wrongnesses of me that needed to be reconciled.

The first thing I learned is that the only thing focusing on solving a “problem” does, is grow the problem.

That’s why the activism paradigm as it currently stands, does not work.
That’s why Mother Theresa is famously quoted for saying, and I paraphrase -
if you throw an anti-war rally I will not attend. But if you hold a pro-peace rally, count me in.

The second thing I learned, which piggy backs on the first, is that a limiting thought can never ever be figured out or solved because the truth is that all limitations are lies.

All limitations are figments of my very own imagination.

They only appear real, because I’ve believed in my own...


Shapeshifter Day 17 - Practical Magic

Oct 29, 2019

Long before I ever had the metaphysical and spiritual vernacular that I have now, I could feel in my gut that there was more here than meets the eye.

What most of the people around me just took as fact, never made a shred sense to me as the ultimate truth.

There was something more under the surface, and this “something more” whispered in the still of my heart for two decades until the time came when I was ready to remember the deeper truths of my soul.

At that point I developed a voracious appetite for all things woo, and I spent the next two decades diving down rabbit holes.

I studied spiritualities, and religions, and philosophies, and metaphysics, ancient texts and not-so-ancient texts. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on retreats, and events, and programs, and mentors.

Through it all what I was most interested in, was applying what I was learning to my life and observing the results.

I guess you could say that my life became a laboratory for deliberate creation,...