Shapeshifter Day 36 - the illusion of sacrifice

Nov 17, 2019
To sacrifice something valuable and meaningful to you in the physical world, in favor of a higher potential that's calling to you, can feel utterly heartbreaking.
What's required to carry you through is your willingness to summon 'The Seer', which is the part of you that can see beyond the world of form.

This is a divine gift which we all latently possess, and have the ability to activate and access at will.
So, although the moment of sacrifice can feel utterly painfully heartbreaking and real, you have the power to summon the divine seer to sit with you whilst invoking faith and presence to carry you through the intensity of the alchemical fires of your own human emotions, straight into the realization of your own godliness.
When you dare to pull this Evil Knievel maneuver, that not many humans will ever attempt, not only will you find that another layer of your human consciousness has burnt away, leaving more of your...

Shapeshifter Day 35 - the crone state

Nov 16, 2019
There's something tantalizing, alluring, and comforting about melting into the strength of a man...
however, I'm now being called to rely purely on my own strength.
When I was still on the island of Oahu, a story appeared to me which illustrated the importance of the Crone State; a state I have since become palpably aware of, as the current season of my life.
It's a story of Hera & Zeus as best told below by Marian Woodman.
"Hera left Zeus and returned to her birthplace in Euboea. In aloneness, she came to terms with her essential oneness.
She had engaged her Crone state.
Women are, by nature, disposed to relationship and connectedness; yet true relationship cannot be embraced until a woman has a deep sense of her at-one-ment.
Without this essential independence from all roles and bonds, she is a potential victim for servitude.
Once Hera let this Crone energy in...

Shapeshifter Day 34 - the alchemical fire

Nov 15, 2019
When you're up-leveling into the next evolution of you, some days you feel so absolutely in alignment with that new self and things are easy and magical...
other days, however, you run face-first into brick walls comprised of the limited paradigms from which your previous self was founded on. On other days you're faced with the monumental challenge of honoring and speaking your authentic truth, and on other days still, you're faced with the heartbreak of letting go.
And then, there are those super special days where you experience all the above before noon.
This is one of those days for me.
No one ever said that boldly saying yes to your highest potential was easy... if it was, everyone would do it.
The good news, however, it that it's worth it.
Furthermore, there's something hauntingly beautiful about taking a trip through an emotional wringer which spits you out on the other side with...

Shapeshifter Day 33 - beyond the predictable

Nov 14, 2019


One day shortly after I arrived on the Island of the Gods, I was on my way back home from the market with my daughter when I crashed my scooter into a very slowly moving car.


I can't recall the details of how it all happened, because it happened so fast.


All that's important to know is that I was unscathed other than a couple exhaust burns on my calf and some mild embarrassment.


All in all, I was grateful that it happened, because the people whose car I crashed into were so ridiculously nice and helpful and ended up driving away from the whole scene thinking, "these people are going to be my friends!"


... seven weeks, and only a couple brief conversations later, they gave me the keys to their two-bedroom, three-bathroom villa in Canggu for only a small portion of what they paid for it. Lol


At the time that I crashed into them, I was living in a hotel that I was loving, and had no plans for what the future might hold as far as my living...


Shapeshifter Day 32 - your unique genius

Nov 13, 2019
What are the things you've judged yourself for your whole life? What are the things you've consistently made yourself the most wrong for? What are the things you've been trying for years to change about yourself, with no avail?
Whatever those things are... I can assure you, they are your greatest gifts. Those things are your unique God Genius trying to express themselves.
The thing about genius though is that it's born of the dark and rubs against the acceptable paradigms of the World of Light.
Those gifts of yours most likely didn't fit neatly into the acceptable status quo standards of the society in which you were raised. Most likely these aspects of you challenged the paradigms of the humans around you and left them feeling very uncomfortable, and so they projected their discomfort onto you by making you wrong.
The thing is, you were never supposed to fit in because you are not here to perpetuate the limited...

Shapeshifter Day 31 - a month of Shapeshifting

Nov 12, 2019
Writing something every single day and sharing here with you this past month has been so revealing and empowering for me, in more ways than I can even count.
First of all, I feel like I'm well on my way to embodying the prolific writer that has been summoning me from the future for quite some time now.
It's wild the windows of possibility that are opened simply by saying yes to your own evolution and then showing up consistently as and for that expanded version of you.
Through the power of my own self-expression, I've gained so much more clarity on the message I am an oracle for, which is a life-giving endeavor to me.
I've found that the more I say, the more I have to share.
I think, on some level, I used to be afraid that I would run out of valuable and meaningful things to say, however, I've not only come to realize that the opposite is actually true when it comes to authentic self-expression... but that the...

Shapeshifter Day 30 - ReInvention

Nov 11, 2019


You have the power to re-invent yourself anytime, and as many times, as you feel called to.


Not all dare to say yes to what life is calling them to be though because to say hello to a new evolution of you is to, in many ways, say goodbye to the old you.


It's to relinquish old beliefs, and habits, and addictions...

and it's to choose new thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that are in integrity with the new character you're birthing into the dream world. 


And to be quite honest, at times, it can be fiercely confronting to choose a different way of being, as you turn your back to the old self who's begging and pleading for her life.


It can almost feel like you're abandoning yourself and it can leave you with a profound sense of loss, even though deep down you know that the old ways are no longer serving you.


You must literally grieve the death of the old self, and that's quite unsavory to the human.


One of the most profound...


Shapeshifter Day 29 - portal to timelessness

Nov 10, 2019
Did you know that you have the ability to expand and collapse time?
This is because time is not real, outside of your experience of it and in fact you, yourself, are the manufacturer of time.
I've been considering this lately quite a bit because the last few days have felt like literal weeks to me, plus, I've had some cool conversations about the malleability of time with a few people, but mostly because I'm almost always thinking about magic...
and to me, the ability to manipulate the fabric of space and time is basically what the ability to do magic or facilitate miracles, is all about.
I personally use the words magic and miracles interchangeably, although not everyone would agree that they are the same. And I don't speak about these things as if they're far off states of being and experience, that you may just happen upon a handful of times in your life.
I believe that magic and miracles are not only...

Shapeshifter Day 28 - the waking dream

Nov 09, 2019


So you're a spiritual being having a human experience... 

I've heard this esoteric idea thrown around in new age communities quite often, but what in the fuck does that mean and how can you embody that wisdom in a way that's actually liberating, as well as useful for creating the life experience you desire?

The way that I best metabolize the paradoxical experience of life as a human, whilst knowing deep down in my soul that I am actually not human at all, is to utilize the metaphor of "the dream" as a basis for understanding.

What makes this metaphor even more powerful for me, is my ability to access my sleeping dream state as a reference point for garnering a semblance of an idea of how life as a ‘waking dream’ might actually work.

Let's break down the components of the sleeping dream:

You are all safe and snuggly in your bed, the world as you know it darkened out with your closed eyes, slumbering away, potentially sawing some logs...

And, let’s say,...


Shapeshifter Day 27 - wHoly Human

Nov 07, 2019

You're not a human... you just think you are.


What you really are is a time bender, a shapeshifter, a reality jumper.

There are no limits for you.

But, this is only true if you opt-out of your commitment to being a human, and instead commit to being a wHoly Human which is the fully lucid, divine magician of space and time you know you came here to be.


I'm not interested in bonding with the humans, I'm not interested in human relationships built on lack and co-dependency, I'm not interested in having human conversations...

I'm quite honestly, not interested in coddling the human in any way, shape, or form anymore.


Perhaps you may think I'm a dick for saying this, but think about it... if we all knew ourselves as infinitely powerful, sovereign gods would we ever engage in such things?

Fuck no.


We'd all be standing squarely in our power, not concerning ourselves with wondering if the others are doing okay, if they'll like us, if we're pissing them off, if...