Shapeshifter Day 46 - born to change

Nov 27, 2019
I was born a midwestern girl, in a conservative corn farming town.
I was raised in a community in which the main social events were tailgating, watching college football, and cruising around house parties and bars, to drink all of the alcohol.
The people I grew up with were good-hearted people, most of whom lived in the same place and did the same things, for an entire lifetime.
It was a simple life, where the focus was on going to work to pay the bills and take care of the family.
No one I knew asked questions about the possibilities that might exist outside the life they were familiar with (at least not out loud)
...except for me.
What I observed never made sense to me; not on a cognitive level, but deep in my soul. For so many years I couldn't quite put my finger on what felt so 'off' about it to me.
By the time I reached my early teens, I was palpably...

Shapeshifter Day 45 - the state of romantic relating

Nov 26, 2019


Someone asked me today if I ever wanted to get married again.


The answer to that question is kind of complex.

Long enough to warrant this whole post. Lol


What I've wanted for a long time now, is a romantic relationship that feels like playful, opulent, freedom.


I recently wrote about the relationship I desire, like this:


It feels like independence.

It feels like freedom.

It feels like the absence of domestication.

It feels like self-sourcing.

It feels like lives together and lives apart.

It feels like many dwellings, here and there.

It feels like global movement.

It feels like yachts and jets and adventure.

It feels like fine dining and dancing.

It feels like surprise dates all over the world.

It feels like creativity.

It feels like cosmic gifts.

It feels like playful lovemaking.

It feels like infinite space and time.

It feels like come and go, ebb and flow.

It feels like divine magic.

It feels like lucidity.


I'm not sure about you, but I...


Shapeshifter day 44 - the true nature of desire

Nov 25, 2019
The nature of desires is such that, they are always expanding.
Once you fulfill one, another one is always born in its place.
This is important to understand for a couple of different reasons, the first being that you will never ever find satisfaction in the actualization of your desires, other than in the momentary gap that exists before the next desire is born.
Remember, the dreamscape of your life can only ever reflect back to you who you think you are, so to desire the experience of having something in your life is only for the purpose of getting to know and embody the aspect of you that would have the ability to reflect that back in the mirror (are you tired of me saying this yet? Lol)
When you embody the core frequency of the aspect of you that you desire to know, a dream emanation that energetically rhymes with that aspect you've embodied pops into the reflection of your life...
and then always,...

Shapeshifter Day 43 - the manifestation equation

Nov 24, 2019
The more fully you can get your energy behind feeling your desired outcomes as already real and true and done, the quicker they'll show up in physical form... because your dream can only reflect back to you what you're being, what you believe, and what you expect.
Not what you're yearning to have, not what you're hoping-with-your-fingers-crossed shows up, and most certainly not what you're 'waiting for'.
All that will get you is more yearning, and hoping, and waiting.
(OR... you'll get so fed up from hoping, yearning, and waiting that one day you'll get super-pissed, have a fuck this shit moment, and command your desired outcomes with authority... but that's another conversation for another day)
I'm sure in you've already heard of this visualization 'manifestation tip' a bazillion times via New Age teachings... and the truth is that it's not NOT true.
However, it's only one part of the equation

Shapeshifter Day 42 - the high road

Nov 23, 2019
To concern yourself with the physical world details of your life, including the circumstances, and the people and the relationships in it is to slow yourself waaaaay the fuck down.
That is not the road to your highest potential.
Don't you know, you don't create from the outside-in?
Don't you know that what appears to 'be' in the world of form is simply a reflection of what you've really created on your inner landscape?
To attempt to move and shuffle around the circumstances and relationships of your life is to miss the mark completely. It's an error in focus, and it's a diversion from your highest potentials.
I'm not saying that the circumstances and relationships of your life shouldn't be important to you, all I'm saying is if you truly cared to realize your greatest 'dream-of-life' experience, including all the best circumstances and relationships...
you'd better gather up all that...

Shapeshifter Day 41 - dismantling paradigms

Nov 22, 2019


Last night I tossed and turned for hours. Sleep seemed to be eluding me, which is very strange as I never have trouble falling asleep.


Honestly, my days are very flowy and lackadaisical and I rarely have to be anywhere at a certain time; even my mentoring is done at my convenience, thanks to Voxer and my willingness to design my business around my preferences... 


so normally this lack of sleep wouldn't have been a big deal, except for this morning, of course.


This morning, I had to leave the house by 8:30am for a two hour round trip scoot to the Immigration office, to extend my Visa.


If you've never driven a scooter on the streets of Bali, just know that it's a full engagement activity. Alertness and full presence, a necessity as there are literally no rules of the road here. Anything truly goes.


So needless to say, I woke up feeling very groggy and exhausted and unequipped for the trip to Immigration after only a collective 3... maybe...


Shapeshifter Day 40 - the fortress

Nov 21, 2019
The process of realizing your ever-expanding highest potential is, stated very simply, a process of awareness and choice, on repeat.
Simple in theory,
the application of which is far more complex because you are a dynamic, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being with layers and layers of programmed personalities and paradigms.
Your personality (who you think you are) and your paradigms (how you think 'reality' works) are all deeply entrenched neural networks dug by the memories and emotions you use to create "time"
Basically, you've proven to yourself linearly, through the self-fulling prophetic feedback loop of your life's timeline, that what you believe is real and true, is just that; REAL & TRUE.
With each cycle of affirmatory feedback that the reflection of your life gives you, the ditches of those neural pathways grow deeper and you become more firmly entrenched in your model of reality.

Shapeshifter Day 39 - quantum creating

Nov 20, 2019
Effective outcome producing action is only, and ever only, an extension of a creation that's already in motion in the quantum world.
The action itself is not the cause of results.
If you're taking a bunch of actions and you feel like you're getting nowhere fast, it's because you haven't shifted anything at the level of cause.
When you try to implement actions or strategies without first changing the trajectory of the creation in the quantum world, you will not get very satisfactory outcomes and you'll feel like you're spinning your wheels.
Taking action without energetic premeditation is a great way to push a boulder uphill, muscle your way through life, move really slowly, and burn yourself out.
Your quantum model of reality is comprised of your paradigms, which are made up of your beliefs, your thoughts and your feelings, which are all reinforced by your memories.
Basically this is the...

Shapeshifter Day 38 - full circle

Nov 19, 2019
Two years ago I was here in Bali, in the midst of wild quantum leaps in romance & finance.
I found myself immersed in realities with money that I'd never experienced before as multiple five figures, many many times over, flowed into my accounts with total ease and magic.
I found myself immersed in realities with a lover that I'd never experienced before, receiving fully formed visions, as memories from my future life, with a high caliber man.
These were realities that were designed to serve as entry points into my wildly wealthy destiny, however, I wasn't ready yet.
I was not yet able to sustain those dreams without getting lost in the illusion of the dreamscape.
I was only able to brush up against these dream emanations, without falling back to sleep and losing sight of the truth of what and who I really am.
And so, I spent the following two years in and out of lucidity, whilst all...

Shapeshifter Day 37 - the highest vantage point

Nov 18, 2019
I was having a great conversation over coffee with my daughter this morning about how crucial trusting in yourself, in your higher self (whatever you call it) and in the flow of life in general is.
If you in any way think you can get it wrong, make a wrong decision, or take a wrong path not only will you cut-off your well being around every corner, but you'll also cut off your powers of deliberate creation and make it nearly impossible to live a life that feels authentic to you...
Ironically, even making yourself wrong is not wrong, because within every experience of feeling like you're "doing it wrong" you're actually learning what works best for you.
I'm currently learning the Indonesian language on an app called Duo Lingo and the other day I got several questions wrong and a little notification popped up that said,
"Don't worry... even when you get an answer wrong you're still learning!"