Shapeshifter Day 66 - a truly bullshit post

Dec 17, 2019
I'm sitting here on my bed in Bali staring at the black screen of my write room app, just truly not feeling like writing.
It's not that I don't feel like I have anything to write about, as used to be the case in the past, it's just that I feel too mentally lazy to formulate a coherent blog post around any one of the many topic points I have swirling around in my head.
It feels easier to simply just put my fingers on the keys and let the words come out, even if the words aren't profound or life-changing.
I think sometimes I think that every little thing I say has to be brilliant - I mean, let's face it - most of the time I am pretty fucking epic, just straight channeling divinity. lol
on some days I just feel pretty mundane.
on some days I'm in the midst of processing some very human emotions and my mind is tired.
on some days, I'm in between worlds.
Today is one such day for me.

Shapeshifter Day 65 - beyond the business paradigms

Dec 16, 2019
Yesterday I had a friend/old client message me just to say hey... and we got on the subject of her mentoring business.
She told me that she was doing this program where the facilitators were helping her set up the practical structures of her online mentoring business; educating her on what she needs to implement in order to have a functional business.
I said to her, that's great!
I'm so excited for you...
but just keep in mind that there is literally nothing you HAVE to do in order to start making money online, especially with a mentoring business based on a body of work.
The only thing you "need" is a phone, an internet connection, and your voice.
This is how I ran my mentoring business for years and made a good amount of money doing so...
it's only been recently that I've started installing structures, automation, and systems which I've done only because who I've BECOME has lead me...

Shapeshifter Day 64 - the holy grail

Dec 15, 2019
** WARNING -. today's message is a loooong read. If you're interested in knowing more of my back story, as well as the location of the Holy Grail... please proceed ;) **
I've been sharing a message, publicly, in the online space now for nearly ten years.
Seven years as the current iteration of my message, and three years before that as a vegan food blogger (<-- did you know this? lol)
It's actually vegan food blogging that lead me to the esoteric wisdoms that I currently understand and teach.
This is a total side-story, but I'm feeling called to share it so it must be relevant... so maybe not a side story.
(who am I to judge the message! lol)
The whole reason I went vegan in the first place was because I was deathly afraid of dying from cancer and in my prevention research, I had heard that a vegan lifestyle greatly reduced the chances of cancer.
And so I decided to give...

Shapeshifter Day 63 - consistent and sustainable manifestation

Dec 14, 2019
I've never been clearer about why most people's attempts at deliberate manifestation do not work consistently or sustainably (have you noticed?)
Here's the thing...
it doesn't actually take much time at all to call something into your reality that's wildly outside of your "normal" life experience.
You simply have to tap into the resistance-free frequency of it, for a short while.
This can happen easily when you're distracted from the circumstantial details of your life.
However, once "the thing" shows up, you will be called to the details of it and if you haven't BECOME the one who has that, and who is that...
"the thing" will either be very short-lived or it will trigger all your old programming and turn into a wonky, rollercoaster-y manifestational reflection of those old paradigms.
The solution to sustainable manifestation in your life is to fundamentally shift your...

Shapeshifter Day 62 - keeping your standards high

Dec 13, 2019
When you don't decide what you want in life, and then stick to that standard, you will settle for anything.
I have most definitely done this in the past, and it's become obvious to me that this is something many people struggle with.
You get to have any experience you desire! You get to be anyone you want! You get to have the career and clients that fill you up, you get to have the romance that is everything you've ever dreamt of, you get to have the lifestyle that satisfies you, you get to have the bank account that pleases you.
You will not find what you're looking for in any of these things.
(Sorry to burst your bubble. Lol)
... But,
you get to have them all.
To have the experience of all that you're wanting in a fulfilling and sustainable fashion is to BECOME the person who already lives that life, before the life is apparent to you or anyone else.

Shapeshifter Day 61 - shamelessly claim the fuck out of it

Dec 12, 2019
If you're going to have the life of your dreams, you have to shamelessly claim, and command, the version of you who already lives it and IS it.
In order to do become the version of you who has this life, you have to familiarize yourself with the frequency of that version of you.
This means, you're gonna have to use your imagination to call upon something you can't yet see, and in my opinion, one of the greatest ways to do this is through journaling.
Don't underestimate the power of your words and your imagination.
They reflect your intentions and direct your energy.
They are your incantations and they are the shaper of realms.
Your world holds no power, other than the power to reflect back to you who you think you are.
If you want your world to shift, then you better shamelessly shapeshift into something new.
I keep using the word 'shameless' because it's a secret to...

Shapeshifter Day 60 - a business built from the inside out

Dec 11, 2019
As of recently, I'm finding myself excited about, and subsequently doing the WEIRDEST things that I've never ever been excited about, ever... such as setting up systems, structures, and automation in my business.
If you would have asked me, even 6 months ago, if this is something that I would ever do I probably would have replied with an emphatic ewwwwww, then rolled my eyes and dismissed you completely.
The truth is that I have tried to make myself do these things so many times in the past because I was told by the "experts" that these are things you must do to have a successful online business.
...and so, I tried to make myself do them, while silently rejecting the notion of this necessity entirely.
I did go on to make way more money on the internet than many people ever do, just flying solo with no support team or systems.
In fact, I was a champion for the message that you simply do not need fancy...

Shapeshifter Day 59 - the saboteur

Dec 10, 2019


I feel like dismantling the idea of self-sabotage, today.
Are you into it?

Have you ever bought into the idea that you could screw it up, get it twisted, take a wrong turn, fall off your path or that some subconscious programming of yours is gonna swoop in and fuck everything up?  I most certainly have.

I'm thinking about this today because the topic came up in a conversation with a client of mine, which got me thinking about the archetype of the saboteur.

The saboteur is one of the voices of, what I call, ‘the shadow council' 

Ironically, this archetype seems to become hyper-active within the ones who are actually aware that they're creating their own reality because they’ve taken responsibility for their outcomes unlike the victim (another voice of the shadow council) and now they can no longer hide from the fact that their outcomes are all of their own makings.   

Where once the blame was placed on ‘people and circumstances...


Shapeshifter Day 58 - the only relevant thing

Dec 09, 2019

When you’re willing to up-level your identity, your whole reality up-levels with you.

When you fully embody the next iteration of you, you tune into a whole new frequency. This is where the ideas and insights and inspirations live, that match who you’ve become.

Most people try to act their way into a new life without first shapeshifting into a new version of themselves... and the hard truth is, you just can’t get there from there.

The actions are irrelevant, although you’re always gonna take them.

What’s relevant is who you think you are.

You must activate a new consciousness if you want to dream awake a new reality.

It can be no other way.

I’m witnessing this in my own life as I’m actively embodying a whole new version of my self, I’m being naturally and excitedly inspired to create things that match who I’m actively becoming.

It’s so exhilarating to see new levels of creations and offerings pour out of me.

You know...


Shapeshifter Day 57 - appoint yourself

Dec 08, 2019


If you're sitting around waiting for someone to appoint you as the one who is capable and worthy of the life and/or business you really want, you will literally be waiting forever because the only person who can do that is you.

Not only do you have to appoint yourself, but then you have to have the audacity to act like you have it and are it before you have any evidence that it's real.

I realize this can feel like a challenging thing to do because "how dare you to act as if something is true that isn't!"

The catch 22 is that it will *never* be true, until you claim it AS true, and BE it.

You have to be your own self-fulfilling prophet.

You have to be the seer of your future before it is apparent to anyone else.

You have to be willing to declare something you have no proof of and let's face it - that takes guts - because it will, guaranteed, bring up all of your imposter syndrome bullshit which may even (most likely) be reflected back to you in your world.

This is very confronting...