Shapeshifter Day 76 - the year of perfect vision

Dec 27, 2019
2020 the year of perfect vision.
Perfect vision isn't about
being perfect
as if there's some end-goal
or finishing line.
It's not about holding yourself up
to impossible, arbitrary standards
based on subjective ideas
of right and wrong.
It's not about healing a wounded self
or fixing a broken world.
It's not about idealistic platitudes,
that you use to judge yourself,
the others, and the world at large by.
No, it's not about any of that.
Perfect vision is about
reinstating your divine sight,
to see the perfection in everything
EXACTLY the way it is and has been.
It's about activating your ability
to see beyond a polarized world of form
and to know it for the illusory dreamscape
that it really is.
Perfect vision
is to see yourself
and the others

Shapeshifter Day 75 - activating the Godhead

Dec 26, 2019

The human consciousness is programmed to fight for its limited life. It's programmed to believe that it can fuck shit up. It's programmed to believe that it can make the wrong choice and that it only has partial power. It's programmed to think that it is just a tiny being in an objective world, of which it has to answer to powers supreme.
The wHoly Human Godhead consciousness, however, is the fully lucid dreamer. It knows that its whole dream world is of its own creation, it knows that it's limitless, it knows that there's literally nothing serious going on here because it's all but an illusory dream, and it knows that there is nothing, no one, and no-thing that has influence over it.
The Godhead is the completely sovereign, spiritual "adult"
This is truly what the Shapeshifter Body of Work that I'm speaking endlessly on, is all about.
It's the end of the human consciousness and the activation of the wHoly Human,...

Shapeshifter Day 74 - child’s play

Dec 25, 2019


If ever I find myself feeling any shade of uninspired, lackluster, or just generally *blah*...

I can be sure that one thing has happened:
I've begun taking this "life thing" too seriously.

When that happens,
I call upon my remembrance that this is all an illusory dream and there is literally nothing to get here and nothing to get done here, only experiences to dream awake for the fun of it.

I remember, that I am the Divine Infinite Dreamer who already is and has it all.

I remember, that I have the magic of my imagination available to me, which I can use to paint my perception any color I please.

I remember, that I can change my mind and play any character I please at any time.

When life gets too serious... 

I call upon my innate innocence, I surrender all my ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, and I return to the ever-expansive activity of child's play.

Young children do not spend their days imagining entire fantasy lands into existence because they're trying to get something,...


Shapeshifter Day 73 - an unintentional christmas message

Dec 24, 2019
Your wellbeing cannot - ever - be affected by another.
The only thing the 'others' have the power to do, is to reflect back to you your own wellbeing or lack thereof.
when you become aware of the full extent of emotional sovereignty you have, you really will stop giving a fuck what the others are doing or how they are showing up.
because it truly, affects you not.
(this, btw, is the only entry point for your realization of the unconditional love that inherently permeates all you perceive)
the concept of "standards" even falls apart at this point because you know that you, by the power of your focus, can dream awake any ol' version of any other person you want - because all they were ever doing is mirroring and calibrating to you.
change the cause (you), change the reflection (them)
but they won't change if you need them to change,
If you need them to change, then you're...

Shapeshifter Day 72 - the architect of your dreamworld

Dec 23, 2019
What if you could stop pretending that you didn't know how this place worked and instead called upon the remembrance that you are the architect of this entire dream world?
Just like you are the architect of the dream worlds you weave at night.
What if you could opt-out of this idea that there is an objective world, and know there is only YOUR world that is continuously being dreamt awake by you?
It only feels like it's out of your control because you're mostly creating from a deep subconscious belief that you are a human who is separate from all you perceive.
If you were to start activating your lucidity, you would see that your dream world is yours and yours alone and all the other possible dream worlds are being dreamt awake, simultaneously, by the 'others'
There is no objective world.
Just yours.
What's great about that, is...
You KNOW how this place works. You know...

Shapeshifter Day 71  - shadow selves

Dec 23, 2019


You're not here to try to make the other humans like you.
You're not here to be accepted into the tribe.
You're not here to prove yourself to anyone.

... you're here to get to know and fall shamelessly in love with the aspects of your infinite Self that you choose to get intimate with, as represented by the shades of the light world spectrum.

right, wrong
good, bad
sacred, profane
appropriate, inappropriate
angelic, devilish
villain, victim

...and everything in between.

You are all of it, and you dreamt yourself into this dream world of form, to for the pleasure of experiencing and getting to know, those aspects of your Self. 

To identify with the light world of form and then judge against any aspect of you that you perceive within the dream, is to take a machete to your being and hide the pieces of you, that you find unacceptable.

You may have heard the term "shadow self" before...
that's how the shadow selves are created.

The way you create shadow selves is by hiding the pieces of...


Shapeshifter Day 70 - only you

Dec 21, 2019

Did you know that you get to call forth any version of reality that you like?
No desire or request, too strange or unworkable for you?
What if your desires, were actually premonitions about your 'future’?
In which case, if you desire it, it exists, already.
Don't you know that you are the infinite universe?
Don't you know that there is no space or time?
Don't you know that there are no limits for you?
The only thing that stops you from experiencing your limitless, is your ideas about your limitations.
Your ideas about your worthiness.
If you even remembered half the truth about how weird and illusory this dream is,
and about how you are literally not only the center of your universe but are the only ONE in it...
you would never ever deny yourself again.
you would never worry about what the "others" thought.
You would never shame yourself for wanting what you want.

Shapeshifter Day 69 - transcending addiction

Dec 19, 2019

I get asked about addiction a lot.

I'm not surprised, because, at the core of it, the work that I do helping people reinvent themselves has a lot to do with transcending co-dependent relationships to anything (and everything), so to become the fully self-sourced sovereign dreamer of your life.

This morning in my FB group I was asked this question:
How do you view, perceive and treat issues with addiction?

The boots-on-the-ground answer to this question is dynamic only in the sense that the human personality is created by a complex web of layered stories & memories that must be seen, dismantled and reworked (this is what I help my clients do)

but if you ask me,

understanding the cause (and therefore the treatment) of Addiction itself, is pretty simple.

Recently, a man inquired about my mentoring services pertaining to an addictive tendency he was looking to move beyond, and I told him this:

"The way I see it, the only reason addiction ever occurs is because life has called you to...


Shapeshifter Day 68 - a world of gods

Dec 19, 2019
(I suppose this is a follow up to yesterday's post titled 'the end of the baby god' ... although I didn't plan it that way)
Sometimes, I like to imagine a world in which we have all remembered ourselves as completely individuated, fully powered Gods.
When I envision this world it looks like a whole bunch of wHoly Humans who've become lucid in their dream of life. Who knows with certainty that they are the prime authority of their own unique universe.
They do not look at the objective world and decide what they get to dream awake based on what they see, for they know there is no objective world to speak of. They know the world of form as the illusory playground of mirages that it is.
The Gods are far too busy crafting their own kingdoms and queendoms to be concerned with what any of the other gods are or are not doing, other than to pop in and have the occasional celebratory feast together.

Shapeshifter Day 67 - the end of the baby god

Dec 18, 2019


I'm thinking about something wild today.
I'm thinking about how the  human is actually the baby god of divinity.

The baby god in training.

...and the awakening human,
is the end of the baby god. 

I'm gonna do my best to explain, as this is the first time I've understood this, in this way. 

We exist in a fractal holographic dream in which all parts mimic the others in pattern (until the pattern changes, that is... but that's an entirely different conversation. For now, we'll work with where we are)

If you consider the physical & psychological evolution of an actual human baby, you can see that as a young child the human is actually very dependent on it's caregivers - for food, for shelter, for love, etc.

As the child gets older, and into it's teens, it starts yielding more say-so over it's life experience and desires; and it's wishes get incorporated into the family structure, as co-creator. 

However, eventually, that child who's now a young adult, moves out on...