I broke a pattern yesterday & I’m really fucking proud of myself

Jul 20, 2018

I was having a challenging day and I didn’t want to show up for my business, I didn’t feel like showing up for my people.


I was feeling frustrated and sad and I really just wanted to retreat to tend to my wounds.


I didn’t feel like writing, I didn’t feel like live-streaming, I didn’t feel like mentoring... I just DID NOT FEEL LIKE IT. But I fucking did it anyways.


Do you want to know why?


Because I’ve made a decision to not allow my emotions rule me or deter me from what I say is most important to me.


One of the things that are most important to me is my “work” as a messenger.


It’s grown to be of utmost importance to me that I go to bed each & every night feeling emptied out, as if I’ve given every last ounce that I could have possibly contributed that day.


This is utterly satisfying & meaningful to me.


It’s my flow zone.

It’s an expression of my...


Your Life Will Change Automagically, When You Love Yourself More

Jul 18, 2018

You can literally change the entire feel & fabric of your life by loving yourself more.


This morning, I was on the phone with a client of mine whom I just recently started working with. She came to me a couple months ago basically wanting a TOTAL life make-over.


We assessed the things on the outside that she wanted to change and it became clear to me to very quickly that she'd been neglecting the fuck out of herself...


So, even though the outside of her life appeared to need massive "weeding", I instead had her slowly but surely begin manicuring her inner landscape with a whole range of self-love practices.


Not at all surprisingly, she arrives at our call this morning, only five weeks later, ALREADY a massively different person.


She feels different; she's taking her power back and claiming responsibility for the totality of her reality. She's speaking up for herself more, she's lost five pounds in the past week, she's restructured her business...


Accessing Your SuperHuman

Jul 17, 2018

Did you know that you have a super power accessible to you that far exceeds your conscious mind?


Your mind is only capable of understanding the past and is severely limited in it's capacity to innovate.


If you're using your mind too much in your life, you're literally handicapping yourself.


There’s a space that exists between worlds, in which you can call upon faaaaaar more information than the mind can access.


I understand it as the space between sleep & awake, but it's been called many things over the ages. It's the "place" you experience when you first open your eyes in the morning; not quite awake, yet not asleep either.


It's a space in which your mind is completely relaxed, and you're floaty, dreamy, not quite totally in your body just yet.


Basically, you haven't gotten in your own damn way yet, via the mind.


You have access to this state of being all the time, perhaps you just don't know it or don't know how to access...


Faith Equals Freedom

Jul 16, 2018

Tuning into yourself, listening to YOUR truth, and practicing FAITH in accordance to that truth, is the foundation of a successful life of freedom & authenticity. 

When I set out on my gypsy adventures a long time ago, I sold most EVERYTHING I owned except for what I could fit in my duffel bag. 

One of the things that I did keep and carry with me for years was a magnet from my fridge (which is ironic, since I rarely had my own fridge of my own to hang it on during those years )

But I kept it in this little pouch of important things that I carried around with me, and I referred to the words it carried often. 

It said: 

“Faith is believing that one of two things will happen, she said. That there will be something solid for you to stand on, or that you'll be taught how to fly.”

I kept this with me at all times because it was my intention and desire to strengthen my faith. 

I wanted, with all that I was, to be able to trust COMPLETELY in life. I...


You Are the Leader of Your Own Free World

Jul 15, 2018

You are indeed the center of your entire universe.

All that you perceive within it, is your kingdom


and you are responsible for it all.


Stop pretending that some other systems, controls or peoples rule you because that's just not true...


unless you say it is, of course.


Step up and claim your throne.

You are the leader

of your own Free World.


It is up to YOU to choose the operations of your domain

It is up to YOU to write the rules of your lands

It is up to YOU to decide what you will & will not tolerate


I know you can feel this in your heart, your gut, your soul.


I know that it feels like you're dying a little on the inside when you ignore this truth and wander the town in peasant clothes, all feeble and weak.


Do you even know the power that lives within you?


Is it time that you remembered who the fuck you are?


Get quiet & ask yourself:

Who am I?


Who am I REALLY, when I'm not cowering behind my...


Inspiration is Simply a Choice

Jul 14, 2018

I've been looking a lot lately at the things I say I want in my life, and whether my ACTIONS are in alignment with that.


I used to buy into this idea that in order to be a truly powerful creator I shouldn't actually take action until I'm inspired to... because an inspired action is FAAAAAR greater than rote action. those spiritual peoples say.


Which I definitely don't NOT agree with, however, I've come to realize that in order to become a truly deliberate creator there's a balance that needs to be found between disciplined action & inspired action...


WHAT IF the two are not actually all so different from one another? What if disciplined action in the areas I say are important to me calls forth inspiration?


What if inspiration is simply a CHOICE as opposed to something that's randomly and inconsistently bestowed upon you?


I mean think about it... 
if I say I want to be a writer, but then don't consistently discipline myself to sit down to...


WTF Does "Love Yourself" Even Mean?

Jun 14, 2018

There was a time in my life when I didn't even vaguely know what truly loving myself felt like. It's not something I'd practiced for myself, witnessed, or even experienced from another human being... my reality was one riddled with disordered eating, addiction, co-dependency to pretty much everything, dysfunctional relationships, poverty; all symptoms of a lack of self-love.

I truly was clueless about "how to do it"

I once had a client come to me and say, WTF does "Love Yourself" even mean? ... and I realized that I was not the only one who was trying to love themselves from a fundamental non-understanding of what-the-fuck that even meant.

This is what I have come to understand, since then... and have actually grown quite passionate about sharing with others:

The truest of loves is a limitless love that's available to us all. It's the love that transcends ideas of right/wrong, good/bad, sacred/profane, appropriate/inappropriate, should/shouldn't. It's the love that sees all...


One Million Dollars a Month

Jun 03, 2018

“One Million Dollars a Month”

These are the words that have been popping into my head & heart a lot recently.

I used to try to fabricate my desires based on ideas from my past; I would then focus on acquiring what I thought I WANTED. It worked out okay, but in hindsight kept me quite limited in contrast to the infinite possibilities available to me.

These days I focus on maintaining my desired state of BEING with the intention to live my grandest life possible, and I allow the universe to fabricate and present to me the perfect desires; in a flash of a vision or a clear message deposited directly into my brain.

I find myself surprised and delighted by the new possibilities I’m inspired to. 
They’re always ‘next level’ ideas that I probably wouldn’t have imagined my way into…

such as: 
generating a million dollars a month

The distinct difference between fabricating my own desires vs. allowing them to be delivered to me is:


Three Nights Left on Oahu...

Jul 08, 2017

Three more nights on Oahu before I kiss this Hawaiian island goodbye and take a flying leap into the worldwide gypsy life.

No matter how prepared I think I am to say goodbye to beloved homes and possessions and people, nostalgia always bubbles up in the last hours of the clock ticking down.

I usually try to rectify this as quickly as possible by calling on my future memories of the joys & adventures to come...

but still,
there is this space

- what was -
- and what will become -

that feels a bit like limbo.

This is where I've been hanging out quite a bit lately. Not yet in my new world, whilst not belonging in my old world anymore either.

It's a curious space of
sadness & excitment

I have a tendency to 'Get Quiet' during times like these which I feel quite conflicted about, because I also have an ever strengthening desire to share what I'm experiencing here (and everywhere) in the rawest & most vulnerable sort of way. I mean... that's what a writer...


Calling All High Class Gypsies

Jun 28, 2017

I’m getting really fucking honest with myself today about who it is I really want to serve with my time, with my words, with my energy, with my attention.

My overarching message has always been one of freedom - I’m gonna venture to guess that will never change.

If I really think about it, ever since I was young all I gave a shit about was freedom. From day one, I was a misfit through and through.

I couldn’t have expressed it as such back then but to do things my own way, independently and beyond conventional rules and practices, has always been my driving force. I’ve always been a free spirit, I’ve always been bold AF and I’ve always made choices with reckless abandon, giving little thought to the consequences of my actions.

That may seem like a negative thing, but if I were to ask myself what has been the number one thing that has allowed me to evolve and grow so quickly, it would be that.

Fear keeps us tiny.
Courage makes us BIG.

I’ve been...