Your Work is Not the Source of Your Wealth

Jun 15, 2017

Your work is your art in the world. Your god-source is your wealth.

I realize you've been trained otherwise.
I realize you've been told that you make money when you "clock in" and stop making money when you "clock out"

Now you're working -- Now you're living

This convoluted idea that your work is the source of your wealth, is how you ended up doing shit for money that you NEVER would have chosen if you didn't feel like you HAD to.

And if you have managed to allow yourself to show up and do your art, this twisted notion of work equals wealth, is how you end up putting so much damn pressure on your art, that you suffocate the damn thing.

Your art is that thing that continuously wants to spill forth from you - to which you affirm "you will never be able to support me"

And so, you push it to the side and focus head down on the thing you'd rather not do, but makes you money.

This is a dilemma, I know because

I get that it feels real.
But I want you to know that it doesn't have to be that way. It doesn't have to be your reality. There's a solution. It has three steps and it's simple if you'd let it be, but you WILL have to make some changes.

Wanna know the steps?
Here they are.

#1 For the love of god, do whatever the fuck you have to do to make your art your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY -- make the time. Get up early. Give up tv/endless Facebook scrolling. Say no to the pointless social outings. Hire a babysitter for an hour. Stop making excuses, just DOEET.

and do the damn thing
Every. Single. Day.

#2 Simplify your life. Cut out ALL the inessentials. Do your j-o-b if you need it to pay your bills but don't invest more energy or time in it than you have to and for Christ sake, don't make it the long game... that's a recipe for depression & addiction.

Ask yourself (for every little thing in your life) - does this support & grow my art? If not, it's gooooodbye. This is the level of commitment you must have.

#3 Increase your wealth consciousness every day. This is the remembrance that your wealth has nothing to do with your work. It is inherent within you, and if you EVER want to have money with ease, just for being YOU, this is what you must do.

Here's some ways to do this: read books that remind you of the truth of what you ARE (God manifest) - reframe your beliefs about money by journaling & affirming - join a community or hire a mentor to support you.

If you'd be willing to commit to these three things every day, one step at a time... you'll eventually, as if by magic, line up with a life where you can't tell whether you're working or playing, because it will all be the same.

If you'd make these simple steps your long game, eventually the money will just be there, the bills will just pay themselves, you will KNOW the true source of your wealth, and you'll be sharing your art with the world...

I mean, that's what you came here to do anyways, right?

💫 Chandra Nicole

Would it be supportive to have a private mentor to help you with these steps?

I have a way that you can keep me in your back pocket 24/7 AND have access to a community of badass deliberate creators who are choosing this too.

You can message me to get more details, but ONLY inquire if you're ready to show the fuck up for YOU and commit -- because if not, quite frankly, there's nothing I (or anyone) can do to help you.

You have to CHOOSE to devote yourself to the process I've outlined above.

If you were to do this, ANYTHING would be possible for you. I know this to be true, because this is exactly what I've done and continue to do, every single day, to amplify my art and increase my wealth.

If you're ready, send me a message right now. I look forward to working with You 😘