The Magical Mind

Jul 20, 2020

In order to build a business that’s sustainable, totally authentic unto you, and founded in true wealth... you have to make your business decisions from what I call “the magical mind”

Often the way we do business (and are taught to do business) is from what I call “the tribal mind”

The tribal mind is rooted in separation consciousness, and its cornerstones are reactionary choices & transactional dealings.


The magical mind is rooted in the consciousness of oneness, and it’s cornerstones are choice-making based on pure intrinsic desire & dealings free of associations and “do-to-get” paradigms.

Most humans have no idea whether they are in their magical mind or tribal mind (I certainly didn’t for a very long time) and because of this, even the most self-aware people end up building their businesses in ways that are extremely limited, very slow going, and to be honest... soul-sucking.

... and even if they are able to realize a certain amount of traditional “success”, they are still in bondage to their mind, to their emotions, to time, to money, to customers, to systems, to markets, etc...

Talk about exhausting and uninspiring.

When you build your business from your magical mind you are free from all of that.. and your business exhibits enchanted, life-giving, generative qualities that spill over into every aspect of your life.

This morning I taught a 90-minute class to my Enchanted Enterprise students on how to set goals, market, design offers & products, and also price them, completely from your magical mind.

It’s a total paradigm shift for spiritual entrepreneurs, and I’m just thrilled to be sharing this information.

The only way you can currently gain access to these exclusive trainings is by working with me privately.

If you intuitively know that I’m the mentor for you and you’d like to learn more, send me a private message - here - to inquire.

This work has the power to completely revolutionize your business and your life, as it’s already doing for mine and my current clients.


Chandra Nicole