Your Life Will Change Automagically, When You Love Yourself More

Jul 18, 2018

You can literally change the entire feel & fabric of your life by loving yourself more.


This morning, I was on the phone with a client of mine whom I just recently started working with. She came to me a couple months ago basically wanting a TOTAL life make-over.


We assessed the things on the outside that she wanted to change and it became clear to me to very quickly that she'd been neglecting the fuck out of herself...


So, even though the outside of her life appeared to need massive "weeding", I instead had her slowly but surely begin manicuring her inner landscape with a whole range of self-love practices.


Not at all surprisingly, she arrives at our call this morning, only five weeks later, ALREADY a massively different person.


She feels different; she's taking her power back and claiming responsibility for the totality of her reality. She's speaking up for herself more, she's lost five pounds in the past week, she's restructured her business and is now making more money than ever, she's getting loads of clarity on what she is and is not willing to tolerate in her life anymore, she's releasing the need to justify her desires to herself or anyone else.



Her standards are raising, naturally.


Raised standards are a by-product of loving yourself more. What follows very shortly after raised standards is a new self-identity...


And when you see yourself differently, you expect differently. When you expect differently, you manifest differently.


We go around thinking we need to shuffle shit around in our outside worlds, but that is NEVER the answer because when you do that without doing the inner work in tandem, what ends up happening is that you create yourself into similar scenarios as before, simply in different places & with different faces.


Because the real truth is:

Wherever you go,

There you are.


In order to create deliberately, and powerful, and sustainably in alignment with what you REALLY prefer...


You must do this inner work first, love yourself more, AND THEN the outer world outcomes begin shifting and changing quite automagically.


You begin thinking differently.

You begin feeling differently

You begin speaking differently

You begin acting differently

You begin declaring differently

You begin claiming differently

You begin showing up differently.

You begin identifying differently


... And it all springs forth from the seed of loving yourself more. Honoring yourself more. Prioritizing yourself more.


You create your world form the inside out, without fail.




The quicker you can start making this knowledge work for you, the sooner you can go to work, where the work really matters.


Take your focus off of the external work for a short time and go inwards... the external WILL shift and change according to who you're BEing.


It's the law of the universe.



💫 Chandra Nicole