Your Choice is Wildly Powerful

Aug 09, 2018

NEVER underestimate the power of saying YES to your soul!


The simple act of saying YES is truly all that's needed to initiate the transformation required to receive what you've said YES to...


your choice is WILDLY powerful.


I dare you to identify all the places you've been shutting yourself down, all the places you've been saying NO to your desires...


and then run a crazy ass experiment of saying an internal YES - and invite in the audacity to BELIEVE it's possible for you - where before you would have uttered a hard NO.


When you say yes to your soul,

you activate literal miracles in your life.


The universe WANTS to provide for you.

It wants to make your wildest dreams come true...


But it's up to you to initiate the process,

and it all starts with a YES. 


💫 Chandra Nicole