Your Butterfly Effect

Jun 17, 2017

I’ve been thinking A LOT lately about the compound effect of the thousands of seemingly meaningless moment to moment choices we make over the course of an average day.

We are literally free to focus on, to say, to think, to do ANYTHING we want… and with each of those choices, we activate the butterfly effect in our own lives.

I’m not trying to freak you out here and spin you into overwhelm about what the consequences of your choices are.

I get that it could feel that way
but the thing is,

it only feels that way when you haven’t allowed yourself to want what you really want.

It only seems daunting when you’ve not committed 1001% to engaging only with that which is in favor of what you desire the most.

For so long I was so directionless.
I had only vague longings that I didn’t really believe I could have anyways.
They were pipe dreams.
And so, I never intentionally made choices that were in alignment with those dreams.

I didn’t make my Fuck Yeah! Life a priority
And so, I let my day take me where it may and I assumed that if it showed up in my reality, then it was for me.

The thing I didn’t really totally fully understand then, was that my reality was just a collection of my past imaginings and so if I always chose in response to what was actively showing up, then I was destined to perpetuate the same.

Forever and ever, amen.

It wasn’t until I said
FuCk ThIs ShIt
And started getting really REALLY serious
Like do or die serious
ALL IN serious
About fostering the life I REALLY wanted

that the compound effect of my moment to moment choices became obvious

and the moment to moment choices I needed to make in order to unlock my wild and wooly dreams
to release them from the pipes
and let them into my life
became easier and easier to identify and choose.

I held up each choice
Side by side
With my ideal life scenario
And if they didn’t match
Then it was a NO.

I had to say no to a WHOLE lot of stuff

I said no to living scenarios
I said no to substances
I said no to people
I said no to activities
I said no to thoughts & words
I said no to beliefs

At first it felt challenging
because It was challenging --
I was literally challenging each and every idea I’d ever had about myself
and what i believed was possible for me.

I’m still doing this today, as we speak.

But as I clear out what’s no longer serving me and/or in alignment with the life experience I prefer, it gets easier and easier…. And easier and easier…

to identify which choices are going to add up to the compound effect that is my dream life - and which ones are not.

I can feel it in my bones if it’s a NO or a YES
and I trust in that feeling more and more every single day.

Starting down this path is simple, but not always easy.

If you’re not loving the way your life is adding up,
Here’s what you must do:

Get really real with yourself about what you want
like… what do you really REALLY want?
Would you be willing to allow yourself to dream and perhaps hope just a little that it might be possible for you?

You must then take a good honest look at what’s going on in your day to day life --
I like to call this “taking inventory”

Pay attention to where you’re investing your most precious assets
(these are your time, your energy, your focus… and also your money)

If they don’t match up with the life you’d prefer (and if you’d prefer that dream life not stay in the pipes)

then you’re going to have to make a choice and a commitment to stop settling for less than you really want.

It all starts with this choice.

You’re gonna HAVE to make some potentially difficult feeling decisions
You’re gonna have to say no to some things that just don’t add up
You’re gonna have to face the skeletons in your closet
You’re going to have to let go of some ideas about who you think you are and are not.

This isn’t always the easiest thing.
That’s why most don’t choose it.
That’s why so many stay addicted, depressed, distracted and
even worse “content” - abandoning the great life for the good life

But you…
If you’re still here reading this,
you are different.

You’re not one of those people
You’re willing to do what you must to free yourself
You’re willing to choose the road less traveled

Because you know deeeeep down
that you have the power.
You can feel somewhere in your bones
that you CAN have what it is you really REALLY want

What I know for sure,
is the only place that “want you want”
will ever happen
is in each NOW moment

With each decision you make
in what to focus on
In what to think
In what to say
in what to do

You have the opportunity to move yourself closer, through the momentus power of compounding, to the life you know in your heart you’re meant to have.

The question is:

~ Chandra Nicole

If you’re ready to choose it and choose it now…

If you’re one of the few who are willing to do WHATEVER it takes

If you’re committed to showing up every day in honor of the life you deserve

Then message me,
because you are MY PEOPLE
and i am here to serve you.

You do not have to go the road less traveled alone.
I and my community, are here to walk it with you.

It’s much easier that way, i promise ❤