Uncategorized Jun 21, 2017

There's a crazy divine dichotomy about deliberate reality creation...

And it is this:

You have no control
at the same time.

You are the master of your universe, yes.

But you can't control anything that happens 'out there' when you're needing what's out there to be different than it is.

When you go to work BECOMING everything you're wanting, that's when you gain control over your circumstances and your external world morphs and bends right before your very eyes.

Until then, you're playing a fools game.
Until then, you're just a poser.

If you want to gain control of your world,
then you must redirect your attention, day in and day out, where your true power lies...


Ask yourself what you're wanting.
What are the components of your ultimate FUCK YEAH! life?

What is it that you're really REALLY wanting from those things? (Hint: it's not ever actually 'the thing')

Now ask yourself,
How can i become that
right here
right now?

When you begin to embody THAT...
then you're in business.
then you become unshakable
then you become unstoppable
then you become unfuckwithable

You control your external world when you invest your focus, your energy, your time in alignment with what you must BECOME to really truly have what it is you are wanting.

Only then do you become a true deliberate creator.

💫 Chandra Nicole


Not even sure what it is you really really want?

What you need is
What the EVEN fuck?!?!

How do I find it?
How do I step into it?
Is it something I create?
Something I choose?
What if I try and try and TRY and just CANT
seem to figure it the fuck out?!?!!
What if every time I gain an OUNCE of clarity,
it takes me in a completely different direction
than I expected?!!
What if i find clarity and LOSE it?
So many questions,
All of them valid...
So where to even start?

I get it!
Getting clear can feel like a total bitch.

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