You Are What You Seek

Jun 19, 2017

Many moons ago,
I got the words
‘You ARE what you seek”
tattooed on my ribcage

At the time that I etched this phrase into my skin I was experiencing a very painful exit from a romantic relationship
with a guy I’d had a crush on since the age of 13

It was a time when I was being stripped of all the rigid structures in which I’d secretly come to depend on for stability

This was a self initiated demolition project, mind you...
but it didn’t change the fact that everywhere I tried to step, the ground was crumbling beneath me and in all honesty, I was struggling to keep my bearings

I was in the in-between.
Not fully out of my old world,
and not fully in my new world yet either

“You ARE what you seek”
were the words that reminded me
I would never find what I was looking for
in that ever morphing world ‘out there’

It was a knowing I had, yet wasn’t able to fully embody at that point
It’s a truth I’ve had to redirect myself back to over and over and over again

And as time passes,
I gain fuller understanding
of what these words actually mean

With each moon
they settle deeper
into my bones
and become
my peace
my assurity
my power
my liberation

I’ve come to know FOR SURE that ALL that I seek…
that we ALL seek…
can be found within.

And I gotta tell ya,
life is so much damn simpler this way.

Attempting to sort out the physical world
is like banishing yourself to a house
of smoke and fog and mirrors for the rest of eternity.
You can’t find your way out of that shit.


Trying to find what you seek from ‘out there’
is a dependable recipe for addiction, heartbreak and struggle.
You will never consume enough substances, lovers or monies to fill your void.


The physical world is not supposed to sustain you.
That’s why it never seems to work out quite right when you make it your source.

But here’s the paradox:
When you find what you’re looking for within,
that physical world
out there
becomes a malleable playground of pleasure
that perfectly enhances the brilliance you’ve become.

You world can literally be
your heaven or your hell

And you get to decide

Heaven can be found within
Hell can be found without

The funniest thing about this whole deal is…
even if you were to choose hell
you’d wind up in heaven eventually
because that’s where life is designed to lead you 😉

You simply get the option to order it now or later.

Which will you have?

💫 Chandra Nicole