Why Your Money Intentions Aren't Working

May 29, 2017

Yes, intention is everything. I say it ALL the time. However, arbitary money intentions (or any kind of intentions really) by themself are floppy and lifeless, that's why they don't work well and that's why despite all your disciplined intention setting, you're still not getting the results that you crave. 

There has to be something deeper, more meaningful for you, in order to be compelled by it. In order to transcend your current circumstances, and in order to bring what you are desiring to life. 

So what is it that activates your intentions? 


The act of purposefully emotionally connecting to your intentions connects the current you with the future you that already has what you are wanting.

Emotionally connecting to your intentions creates intrinsic motivation deep within you that is FAR more powerful than any conscious intention setting or willpowering that you could ever do.

Emotionally connecting to your intentions activates the power that creates worlds. 

Why do you really want what you are wanting? For the most part, you are not inherently motivated by money itself (if you were, you would already have it) and so you have to tap into what the deeper meaning of having money would be for you, and then call upon that you in a way that you can actually feel in this present moment. 

I like to do this through journaling as my future self to my current self. Every single day, I tell stories of what she's experienced and what that's like. This morning I was so into it, that I actually started crying because I could feel what she was feeling as if I was her... and in that moment, I BECAME her.

When you can feel the future you as if you are her now, whatever she's experiencing can't NOT happen. It's a done deal at that point. 


You get what you ARE, not what you want. 

So somehow, someway, you've got to transcend your circumstances, emotionally connect with that future you, and create the meaningful context it requires to actually activate your intention -- and you've got to devote yourself to it daily. 


NO LIMITS. JUST LOVE - Chandra Nicole 

P.S. I did a FB LIVE on this topic this morning. Click the photo below to watch.