When Will It Be MY Time?

Jun 14, 2017

You’ve been drinking the i-create-my-reality-kool-aid and you’ve been eating LOA for breakfast every single morning.

Yet still, shit’s not quite working out for you the way you wish it would.

You’re surrounded by a what seems like a million and one others who are applying the exact same principles as you and getting every damn thing you’ve been wanting, meanwhile in your world -- NUTTIN’

you’re trying to celebrate their successes and not spin yourself into a jealous fit,
but deep down you’re wondering:
When will it be MY TIME, damnit?!

I did this for forever and a half too.
I feel your pain.
And I have the cure to your woe
(i only know this, because it’s what cured mine)

It’s deceptively simple
You may even reject the validity of it
That’s how simple it is

But you’ll come to find
the solutions to most of your perceived problems
are far less complex than you could have ever imagined.

Are you ready for it?
Here’s what you must do

You have to
Have to
Just start telling yourself:

You know what,
Right. Now.

Say it to yourself all day. Every day.
When a thought pops in that’s contrary
kindly say,
“thanks but no thanks - it’s MY TIME”

IT’S my time.
it’s MY time.
it’s my TIME.


As long as you’re in a state of wondering when it’s all going to finally work out for you -- As long as you insist on waiting, waiting, waiting --

You’ll forever be in a state of wondering and waiting.

That’s just how the laws of the universe work.

You must simply and powerfully
as the one who’s time has come.

No one else will do it for you
and it’s okay if you don’t fully believe it at first
but I can assure you that if you’d cast all other notions aside
and declare this with frequency and fervor
you will in short time have evidence
that your time has indeed, finally come.

~ Chandra Nicole