What My Birthday Scooter Accident Showed me

Oct 17, 2020

This past week I had a birthday (42nd, if your inquiring mind wants to know 😉 )

I had a whole day of activities lined up in celebration of my self, but my festivities were cut short when at 10:30 am, on my way to the spa, I got into a scooter accident.

Instead of the revelry I had intended, I wound up at the hospital for Xrays and stitches and I spent the day in a heap of physical pain.

At first, I was like, what-in-the-actual-fuck! It's my birthday man, why today of all days?! Lol

However, I have come to be a firm believer that things don't "just happen" to me.

As challenging as it may be to accept sometimes, I know there is always, always, always a deeper purpose for everything that occurs in my life which is serving my highest desires, and working to activate my greatest potential.

When I am able to suspend my judgments of what is occurring, the wisdom always reveals itself.

There are many things that this somewhat dramatic birthday helped me to become aware of...

One is just how supported I truly am. I am so grateful for the humans I didn't even know who rushed to my side to help me out right after my crash, as well as the friends and loved ones who showed me helped me out after the fact.

The second thing I became aware of was the humbling fact that I had lost sight of what I came here to do.

As I was laying there in physical pain, the overwhelming emotional pain of humans all over the world who have forgotten the truth of who they really are, washed over me as my own (because it is)

Humans who have forgotten how to love themselves. Who have lost sight of their divine worth; who are impoverished mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially... who don't feel good enough, worthy enough, or just plain enough.

This wave of all-consuming pain activated a deep intrinsic motivation to surrender my little self once and for all, and show up in service of love; to do my work in this world like never before.

It is my divine purpose to help people access their boundless, infinite, abundant nature through the power of unconditionally loving themselves. I am here to help us love ourselves wealthy.

For some reason, I had lost sight of this and I was making it all so complicated... when the truth has always been so simple: no limits. just love.

It is my desire that you remember who you really are.

It is my desire that deep down you know that no matter what you have been through, no matter what you have done or what's been done to you... you are more than enough, you are worthy, you are valuable beyond measure, you are a god in the illusion of flesh.

It is my desire for you to remember that you are not in exile here. You are supported and held by the infinite power that creates worlds.

It is my desire that your kingdom or queendom of heaven would be awoken within, and your cosmic fortune reinstated, intact.

It is my desire that you know just how miraculous you truly are.

In this new year of my life, It is my intention to wake up every morning and ask myself, how can I show up today in the greatest service of love?


Happily Ever After

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