Warning: You Might Blow Your Mindhole if You Read This

Jun 18, 2017

Yesterday I was lying on the beach with my feet up on a floaty avocado that some random nice lady with teal dreadlocks gave to me, reading one of my favorite books of all time (it’s pretty much my manual for life) and I read this:

“Thoughts are timeless and forever. You can intend and create into the past just as effectively as you normally intend into the future -- many people never consider this possibility, yet it is a powerful and useful one”

~ Happy Pocket Full of Money

I’ve read this before a million times (because I’ve read this book a million times ←possibly a slight exaggeration) but this time I understood it differently than ever before.

{Side note:} 
This is the craziest observable thing to me about expansion… we can take one concept, study it forever, and always we’re understanding deeper upon deeper layers of it’s truth.

But I digress. Here’s exactly what I wrote on the beach in my journal about this particular concept:

{Another side note:} What I’m about to share next is a peek into my philosopher mind. If you’re firmly rooted in your reality and prefer to keep it that way, I recommend not reading any further. If you want to do some motherfucking magic, then carry on…

Journal Entry 6.17.17

“You can intend and create into the past just as effectively as you normally intend into the future --

This strikes me as important because when I think about the origination of any doubts I may be harboring, they were all born in my “past” -- basically all my doubts are memories carried over into the now moment.

But, what if I could rewrite the past so that the seeds of doubt were never planted in the first place? And instead seeds of positive expectation were planted.

How can I do this?
What would it take to rewrite the past and hence, automagically reprogram my subconscious?

This seems plausible because even now as I consider the drunken falling down chandra from New Year’s Eve less than six months ago -- that doesn’t feel like present time Chandra’s past, but some other girl’s past altogether.

Does that mean that present day Chandra has a different past? And if she does, what does that past look like?

What would a past chandra who had all the wisdom that present day Chandra has, yet never chose addiction or lack and always perfectly knew how to deliberately create her reality -- what would her life look like, feel like, BE like today and what would have been the past events that lead her to the here and now?”

(End journal entry)

As you can see, I asked some crazy ass questions.

When you ask powerful questions and open up the space for the awareness to come, you will always get an answer.

Here’s the answer I got:
Instead of writing your affirmations as present tense, write them as
past-present tense instead.

Instead of “I am successful” --
“I have ALWAYS been successful”

I sat on that answer until this morning… and then in my journaling I began writing all my affirmations in past-present tense.

And what happened was INSANE.

What happened is that as I was affirming these truths of all time
I began having flashes of insight as to the validity of these statements
I began conjuring up memories, awarenesses and knowings (from all past, present & future lifetimes) that mirrored the truth of what I was affirming

Now whether you believe in all that, makes no difference really
because I can talk about this in a very practical sense as well
(to be not only digestible for any person, but to also be assimilated by the conscious mind which can only fathom what you’ve programmed it to fathom)

I can sum it up in one sentence:

It will find evidence for whatever you have been or are currently affirming.

And this includes the information it feeds you from your “past”
If you’ve affirmed yourself to be a failure, you will only be able to retrieve the archived images that match that powerful affirmation.

You will be able to see nothing else.

If you begin affirming that you’ve always been successful, eventually your perception of your past will begin morphing and changing right before your very eyes, because the images that will be retrieved for you will have to start matching your new affirmations.

I got the earliest glimpse of this as I was rehabbing myself for alcohol addiction.

The 30 day home program I was doing instructed me to make a list of my past successes, and I shit you not -- I couldn’t find a single one. The only images I could find, were of my epic failures.

It was then I uncovered a whole slew of very unflattering beliefs about myself around my capability and my worthiness (no wonder I had manifested an addiction. Geez.)

But the truth is that there were all sorts of successes, that I just couldn't see.

So, if you remember from way back in this ridiculously long post where i was asking the questions about how I could rewrite my story...well, it’s not even really about that (although you could if you were willing to know that you actually do have the power to bend time - but I’ll save those conversations for my private weird friend forums)

This is what it’s actually about --

It’s about the fact that you can change your affirmations of the past
and the events that recall will change themselves to bend to your new affirmations. 

If you’d be willing to just get delusional enough to affirm something to yourself that you don’t actually believe is true about your past, you will be rewarded with the images and evidence to match… and it will change your motherfucking life.

You will ALWAYS find what you are looking for.

The question is:
What exactly have you been looking for?

NO LIMITS (for real) JUST LOVE (truly)
~ Chandra Nicole