Ultimate Success

Jul 20, 2020

Bondage exists in four ways.

You can be a slave to emotions, you can be a slave to circumstance, you can be a slave to resources, and you can be a slave to time.

You can actually create a “successful” business, including lots of money, and clients and customers while still totally being in bondage in all or some of these ways

...but if you ask me, this is not the ultimate experience of success, and it’s certainly not true wealth.

To be truly wealthy is to have realized emotional freedom, creative (or circumstantial) freedom, financial (resource) freedom, and time freedom.

This means that you have no codependency with any of these things.

Your approval is sourced from within.

You do not barter away your truth for the illusion of outside approval, safety, or security.

You express authentically at all times, no matter what.

You appoint yourself as worthy and stand unwaveringly in your personal power.

You never allow your circumstances to dictate what is or is not possible for you.

You command your world with intrinsic authority.

You know that money and all resources come from you, and you alone... not from what you do.

You stand tall in your value.

You are recession-proof and able to call in cash, clients, and customers on command regardless of what the people, or the economy, or the market, or the world stage appears to be doing.

You show the fuck up for your part, and let grace fill in the gaps.

You make your decisions with your limitless intuition and not your limited logic.

You’ve cleared out all people, things, and focuses that suck your time & energy and are not relevant to what you truly desire.

You’re able to collapse and expand time at will, to manifest what may seem impossible and miraculous to others.

When you’ve freed yourself in all these ways, you get to make the rules, you get to say how things go for you, and you finally actualize the life you were born to live.

This is the freedom work that I do with spiritual entrepreneurs. It’s a path to enlightenment, and it’s also the path to the most lucrative, ease-filled, fulfilling, and enchanted business you could possibly imagine.

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Chandra Nicole