Turning Life Into Gold

Jun 22, 2017

Over the years of experimenting with how I wanted to show up in service and in business, I’ve tried on a lot of different titles, like outfits, and none of them fit quite right.

Until I remembered what I actually am:
(an Urban Alchemist to be exact)

I relate, all the way down to the very core, with the alchemist as defined here in the Way of the Wizard:

"In the west a wizard is thought primarily to be a magician who practices alchemy, turning base metal into gold.

The word alchemy is really a code word: it stands for turning human beings into gold, turning our base qualities of fear, ignorance, hatred and shame into the most precious stuff there is: love & fulfillment.

So a teacher who can teach you how to turn yourself into a free, loving person by definition is an alchemist - and has always been one."

What I can’t NOT do
is merge the sacred & the profane,
unite the heavens and the earth ,
and turn the whole mess into a glimmering heap of gold.

I’m a powerful sorcerer, and those who show up to mentor with me…
are remembering their magic too.

It’s the way it’s always been,
and the way it always will be.

For a long time, I felt it might be too ‘righteous’ to admit this out loud

... but what I come to understand more and more each day, is that what keeps us from our divine golden treasure is an unwillingness to be too powerful
as well as accusations of egoism for naming and claiming what’s rightfully ours.

But here’s the truth:
until you decide to appoint yourself once and for all

you’ll be stuck playing small
you’ll be leaving metaphorical (and literal) money on the table
and even in “alright” scenarios, you’ll feel discontented to some degree

Because the thing is, you didn’t come here to pretend you aren’t powerful AF
you came to create in a BIG and purposeful way

You came to access the riches this gorgeous earth experience are offering up to you every damn day.

You are the magician of your world… an alchemist, just like me.

Are you ready to open the vault and claim your gold NOW?

~ Chandra Nicole