Three Nights Left on Oahu...

Jul 08, 2017

Three more nights on Oahu before I kiss this Hawaiian island goodbye and take a flying leap into the worldwide gypsy life.

No matter how prepared I think I am to say goodbye to beloved homes and possessions and people, nostalgia always bubbles up in the last hours of the clock ticking down.

I usually try to rectify this as quickly as possible by calling on my future memories of the joys & adventures to come...

but still,
there is this space

- what was -
- and what will become -

that feels a bit like limbo.

This is where I've been hanging out quite a bit lately. Not yet in my new world, whilst not belonging in my old world anymore either.

It's a curious space of
sadness & excitment

I have a tendency to 'Get Quiet' during times like these which I feel quite conflicted about, because I also have an ever strengthening desire to share what I'm experiencing here (and everywhere) in the rawest & most vulnerable sort of way. I mean... that's what a writer does, right?

I'm savoring my bittersweet moments here as they wind down, and know the moment that plane touches it's wings to the clouds I'll be ready to set free what's asking to be unleashed within me, and go on the grandest adventures with you.

Until next time...
No Limits. Just Love.
~ CN