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The Wonder & Whimsy of Youth

Jan 15, 2022

I have very fond memories of the midwestern summers of my youth.

It was such a magical time when the days were long and lazy. I can still feel the hot, wet, humid air on my body and the very distinct smell of a crisp, cool air-conditioned house. Days were spent reading the Trixie Belden mystery novels my mother read as a child and watching cooking shows at my grandmother's house; riding my bike up and down the friendly streets, playing at neighborhood parks, swimming, and building forts with my friends.

I remember the rolling fields of wheat and soybeans, farmers' markets, biting into juicy tomatoes straight from the garden, and sweet corn for sale on every street corner...

and at dusk, as the sun went down and the streetlights turned on, a symphony of locusts would make their music as twinkling fireflies speckled the landscape.

This was an innocent time when life was simple, imagination ran wild, and play was all that mattered.

Slowly, over time, life became more complicated with the dawn of social & societal pressures, child-rearing, marriage, homeownership, and career with a focus on responsibility, security, approval, accomplishment, and an endless string of all-consuming activities that promised to bring fulfillment and a life well-lived, but never did.

Without even realizing it, in the quiet of the night, my innocence slipped away from me and the magic was gone.

I could feel the absence of something, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was, and so I spent the several decades flopping around like a fish out of water from one thing to another trying to find what had gone missing, intensely searching for freedom & truth for I thought this is what would save me.

I even based my entire mentoring business upon this premise, thinking that perhaps as I helped the others become free I would realize my own liberation as well...

When the truth is told, what I secretly desired was a life filled with the innocent wonder, whimsy, magic, and play of my youth; where no cares were had, easy was standard, and make-believe was reality.

It's impossible to find what's always been mine. Freedom is my reality... is and always has been; I just happened to use my freedom to create away my innocence.

Now, as a woman in my 40's, in lieu of any kind of freedom questing or truth-seeking of any kind, I find myself caring about one thing, and one thing only:

twirling in my innocence, cultivating wonder, and allowing the magical whimsy and play of my youth to permeate the totality of my life experience once again.

I believe this is what we're all deep down yearning for

Chandra Nicole


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