That Something That Calls to You in the Night

Jun 02, 2017

🌙 There’s something that whispers to you in the night 🌙

Something that summons you towards it
Something that almost annoys you because it won’t go away.

How do I know that something is there?
Because it’s there for a of us.
You… yes YOU… have a divine calling.
And I’m here to tell you that


I mean you don’t have to do it,
But if you don’t do it you’re guaranteeing yourself a lackluster life seasoned with melancholy, discontent, and probably addiction of some sort.

So tell me.
What do you choose?

I promise it’s not actually as scary or difficult as you’re making it out to be.
In fact, what I can guarantee
is that if you were to say yes to whatever it is that calls to you
Your life will be different.
But the sun will shine more brightly than ever before
And for your courage you’ll be rewarded
With fulfillment, great joys, treasures and loves.

Lackluster living, melancholy, discontent, addiction
Great joys, fulfillment, treasures and loves

Seems like an obvious choice, if you ask me.

But first you have to say YES and show up!
Literally, your only job is to SHOW THE FUCK UP
every single day
doing the thing you’re feeling called to do

I lied. There’s one other job for you.
That’s to clear the space for what’s trying to come through you,
to actually be able to come through

You are a divine vessel.
When you entertain ideas of scarcity & unworthiness you clog up your vessel.
Job number two is to get out your divine dustbuster and clear that shit out of there

If you would be willing to show up and clean up
Every. Single. Day.
You would AMAZE yourself.
You would torch tradition.
You would reveal the prodigy within.
You would access wealth beyond imagination
You would become a blinking light on the horizon,
guiding humanity home.

💫Chandra Nicole