Stop Behaving Like a Muggle & Do Some Magic

May 30, 2017

You guys... your number one priority should be:

This has not a damn thing to do with the action you're used to (although certain impulses for specific powerful actions as you know them, will spring forth from this flow)

This has to do with turning yourself in the direction of the current of what you're wanting, so that it can sweep you away and carry you, instead you trying to carry the current (which is what most of us humans are trying to do)

This has to do with otherworldy magical BEing shit.
you know... Your Words Are Your Wand, kinda shit... you get what you ARE kinda shit.

I get it, you want things to change and you want them to change yesterday and you've been taught that working hard will get you there

labor, labor, labor
effort, effort, effort

and so you carry on,
even though it hasn't really worked out for you yet.
At least not in the capacity you get the feeling you'd like it to.

I'm here to tell you, that there is an easier way and it's pretty fucking counter-intuitive according to our physical world's standards of not only what makes shit happen, but what makes you a valuable citizen of the planet.

Cuz you want to be valuable, right?
You don't want anyone to think you're lazy, right?
You want to be considered a productive human being, right?

Well, what if you could create your world in a way that's so miraculous it leaves all those who buy into tradition, scratching thier heads in bewilderment?

How the fuck did she do that?
IS he just lucky, or what ?
Why does she always get everything she wants?

But you'll know your own magic.
You'll know the secret of your success.

You'll know that one day you DECIDED
that you were going to work WITH the Universal Power
that creates worlds, instead of against it.

You'll know that you CHOSE to ditch your ideas of what you have been and what you thought was possible for you.

You'll know that you got WILD and cast a new spell for your life.

You'll know that you SHOWED THE FUCK UP.

You'll know that you prioritized doing WHATEVER the fuck it took to flow with the current.

And you'll know that you took the crazy aligned actions you were inspired to, no matter how freaked out you felt on the inside.

You'll know that one day, you just said,
"FUCK IT. I know that I create my world from the inside out, so I better damn well prioritize that shit.

And hey... i only get to live this particular lifetime once, and I know how the story ends. So I might as well take a chance and do some motherfucking magic, because this muggle shit just ain't for me.

I'm a limitess being.
ANYTHING is possible for me.

So take that, bitches"
- (you say in the most endearing way)

And so it was.

No Limits. Just Love.
~ Chandra Nicole