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Spirituality Rehab

Aug 19, 2019

I feel like what I’ve been doing a lot of lately is rehabbing “new age spiritual” people... 

Here’s the thing: 
There’s nothing fucking wrong with you.

You don’t need to heal yourself, because you’re not sick.
And you don’t need to fix yourself, because you’re not broken.

You don’t need to be a “better” person. 

You don’t need to do more yoga, or buy more crystals, or consult with more oracle decks.

You don’t need to read five billion personal development books, go to a gajillion retreats, and watch 5,693 seminars.

Now don’t get it twisted, you can definitely do all these things if they’re fun & expansive for you... but you don’t have to do it in order to fix something that’s wrong with you.

The truth is that all of your perceived brokenness and fuckedupness is a god damned illusion.

It’s not real. 
It exists only in your head.

And by trying to “heal” yourself all the time, all you’re doing is affirming to yourself “I’m broken and I need to be fixed”... which is exactly what you get more of - the illusion of more things about you to fix and heal.

That’s how powerful of a creator you are.
Sorry, not sorry. 

The only thing you really need to do is get SHAMELESS AS FUCK about loving all your devilish bits, as well as the angelic bits.

The good, the bad, the right, the wrong, the sacred and the profane - because you are ALL of it, and you’ll never stop being all of it...

So you might as well call a truce with yourself and surrender.

Love all those “unlovable” characters you play and all those taboo desires you try so hard not to have - because until you do, you WILL be at war.

Once the war ends, all you must do is turn towards what you now want, and you will effortlessly shapeshift into THAT with Ease.

You’re fucking amazing exactly how you are - even when you’re bitchy, annoyed, frustrated, whatever.

In fact, it’s only you being an asshole to yourself, thinking you need to be something you’re not that’s made you feel that way in the first place.

Love is the key to your liberation.

The thing is...
unconditional love is waaaaay more wild, and wooly and weird than the human thinks it is.

Love will ask you to adore parts of you, which you’ll find unthinkable to adore.

Love will ask you to leave all your judgements at the door...

Love will ask you to remember what the fuck you really are... an ineffable oneness, which just so happens to include all polarities, and all realities, like Russian nesting dolls.

When are you going to stop trying to be something you’re not? 

You’re not here to be a “perfect” human.

You’re here to be a wHoly Human - which is the human who is lucid, thereby becoming the divine magician of the dreamscape... 

...shamelessly shapeshifting, time-bending, reality hopping, manipulating an illusory world of form for the fucking fun of it.

Who’s on board with that “reality”?

- Chandra Nicole