Speaking Your Truth

Jun 30, 2020

I remember how terrified I was to show up online when I first started my mentoring business, back in 2012.  I lived in a very conservative midwestern town and no one I knew was exploring the kind of wild metaphysical shit I was exploring.

I felt alone, isolated, and misunderstood in my truth, I was worried of what people would think of me when I started talking about far-out stuff, I faced serious social anxiety and fears of public speaking...

but I knew I had to do it because it had been whispering to my heart ever since I'd gotten divorced, sold my house, and abandoned my white picket fence life 7 years before that

I had become unwilling to not live my truth anymore, so I showed up terrified. I stumbled, I fell more times than I can count, and I picked myself up over and over and over again.

Through that process, over the years, I learned so much about what it actually takes to boldly speak your truth and turn your message into money.

I've been 'secretly' mentoring messengers like myself behind the scenes for many years on all things having to do with spiritual entrepreneurship. I've worked with a range of people from those starting brand new businesses, all the way to well established multiple six-figure coaches.

These are always the people who hire me, even though I have never positioned myself that way in my marketing.

I've been called to help rebellious spiritual seekers speak their truth and build thriving businesses for YEARS but hadn't allowed myself to do it because I didn't think I was qualified enough, even though this is literally what I always mentor on, and have been told on multiple occasions that I'm here to work with world leaders and entrepreneurs. The mind is a very (hilariously) convincing place Lol.

Just this past month, I said to myself, enough is enough, I drew a line in the sand, I stepped the fuck over it, and I appointed myself as THE ONE who is qualified to be a mentor to these spiritual entrepreneurs I hold so dear to my heart.

I decided to burn the previous version of my business to the ground and resurrect it to finally speak in a public-facing way, what I've only ever allowed myself mentor on covertly, and this past week, as the grand opening of my "new business", I facilitated a five-day workshop called Expressed, where I began unleashing my "secret teachings" on spiritual entrepreneurship.

I had so much fun! The people who showed up are incredible and are seeing rapid results in their businesses, and for the first time ever, I have no doubts that this is what I am here to do.

One of the ladies who participated in Expressed was only two weeks into her business as an empowerment coach when she joined Expressed. She told me that she'd been struggling to find her true voice and found herself instead, catering to what she perceived the people wanted.

She had been live-streaming five mornings a week to interact with people and sell her service and was getting a few viewers and friends support, but not a lot of buzz or sales.

Using what I taught her over the course of this past week, she cleaned up her offerings to be more in integrity with her values and desires, she exploded onto her live feed with zero posturing as she began boldly speaking her real message and truth.

She skyrocketed from an average of 40 views a day with little engagement, to over 500 daily views with increased engagement, two referrals, and her first sale... all within the past five days since participating in Expressed.

Another girl had been longing to start her true soul business as a sex coach for years but was so scared of how she would be judged, scared of how her family would perceive her, worried that people would think the subject was "too taboo", etc.

Over the years, she had tried to start other businesses that obviously failed because they were weren't what she was truly being called to do.

Upon joining Expressed, she was able to transcend the desperate need to manipulate people's perception of her, stopped making meanings of other people's opinions, and after years of not letting herself do what she was truly called to do, she finally launched her business as a sex coach.

She showed the fuck up online, began sharing her true message, and she booked her first couple of clients this past week.

The first video of the five-day Expressed workshop that these ladies participated in is still available to watch for free. 

If you are a creative, spiritual entrepreneur who is ready to get out into the world, deliver your transformational message in a bigger, bolder way than ever before, and dream awake a thriving business that changes lives... and you would like to have access to the first hour of the five-hour series -- click here to get instant access 

Chandra Nicole