Shapeshifter Day 9 - Lazy Imaginations

Oct 21, 2019

Evolution is pretty much guaranteed,
however, the speed of evolution is a choice.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care to hang out on the evolutionary slow track… I much prefer the fast track.

I refuse to tolerate the bondage of addictions and co-dependencies for centuries more, I choose to liberate myself now.

The way I see it, there’s no lifetime more appropriate to dream awake heaven on earth, than the one I’m living right now.

I get to decide how fast I expand into greater and greater versions of myself, and I’m wise enough to know that who I think I am is simply a collection of memories from the past.

This life, this world, this reality, this personality… it’s nothing but a dream…

and I’m aware that I have the power to dream awake any version I desire.

Who we “are” is simply a figment of our imaginings.

When we get lazy with our imaginations, we rely on our subconscious programmings to decide who we will be in the future, we shackle ourselves to the past, and we limit ourselves to recreating only what is familiar.

Talk about depressing.

I recently saw this Jim Carrey quote floating around on the internet which said that depression is your avatar (dreamer) telling you that it’s tired of being the character you’re trying to play.

That really resonated with me as someone who’s experienced a significant amount of melancholy in my life.

It has become clear to me that if ever I’m feeling lackluster, unfulfilled, dissatisfied, unmotivated, existential or just downright depressed it’s because I’ve gotten really fucking lazy in deciding who I want to be and I’ve slipped into autopilot creation mode.

Alternatively, getting proactive, opting out of the past, and actively deciding which characters I want to play is invigorating. It’s exciting. It’s fucking life giving.

I refuse to spend another moment of my precious life being lazy about the characters I’m playing.

This is an honest awareness of mine from a recent Fuck-this-shit moment I had, which prompted me to share a year of Shapeshifting with you.

The truth is that you too, have the choice to change your mind about who think you are and alter your world forever.

…but you have to be willing to do the oftentimes uncomfortable work of breaking the habit of being who you think you are.

This takes deliberate intention, it takes daily devotion, and it takes a fuckton of imagination.
It’s not always easy, it’s oftentimes confronting as fuck, and it will almost always test you to your limits…

But drawing a line in the sand, stepping over it, and doing the inner energy work to shapeshift your world from the inside-out is infinitely worth it.

You can literally create, be, do, and have ANYTHING you want.

You truly are limitlessness.

You are also so free that you can create yourself into bondage.

It’s up to you.

I’ll leave you with these words I once heard Reverend Larry at Unity Church in Santa Barbara speak, which I’ve never forgotten…

he said,
“You have the power to imagine yourself all the way into Enlightenment”

I fully believe that.
How about you?

What if you could stop pretending you’re a mere feeble human, remember who-you-really-are, and activate your omnipotent powers of creation?

What if you could become lucid in this dream of life and intentionally Shapeshift, Timebend, and Sidestep into alternative realities with ease?

I believe that’s the divine magic you inherently possess as a cosmic child of the universe, made in the image and the likeness of the dreamer…

But, only you can choose it.
What say You?

~ Chandra Nicole

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