Shapeshifter Day 85 - your thoughts think themselves

Jan 05, 2020

I did a Livestream today titled, "Have You Ever Noticed That Your Thoughts Seem to "Think Themselves"?


It was on the topic of why trying to change/create your reality at the level of the thought does not work well (have you noticed?) and can only produce verrry slow + incremental change (not to mention inconsistent outcomes)


Trying to change your world through the avenue of managing your thought-forms is similarly as sloooow paced as trying to create change through managing your physical forms.


It doesn't work very well because they are both effects - manifestations - of a deeper, subconscious template.


By the time you become conscious of the thought that's "thinking itself" (and most likely producing an automatic emotional reaction)... a very insidious game of "telephone" has occurred within your psyche, so much so that the original template of consciousness from which the thought-form was manifested in the first place, is no longer obvious.


Therefore, applying "solutions" to the infinite thought-form manifestations of that unknown template, such as the affirmation, visualization & gratitude techniques that are often recommended to us, is virtually like trying to solve a problem with the exact same consciousness that created it in the first place and will have you "personal-developing" your ass off, in an infuriating loop whilst you tend to and manage your limited consciousness for the rest of your life.


I do not believe you came here to pretend you're a limited human forever. I believe you came here to realize yourself as a limitless God, whilst in the human vessel... at least if you're drawn to my messages you are ;)


Quantum leaping - and then flying - is available to you, but in order for that to happen, the entire template of consciousness you're operating from needs to be upgraded, at which point you will tap into an infinite stream of appreciation, auto-magically think thoughts that feel better without having to affirm them endlessly and be presented with fully formed visions, ideas and insights in integrity with your highest potential.


That's nearly impossible to do when working at the level of the thought-form manifestation. You must be able to get to and make changes at the level of causation.


Next week, I'm facilitating a 7-day digital workshop called 'Diamond in the Rough' where I'm going to show you how to use your manifested thoughts + emotions as a portal to effectively return to the template that's creating coal in your life, and activate an upgraded wHoly human consciousness so to effectively conjure forth "diamonds" instead.


Let me know if you'd like to attend that PM ME, and I'll show you how to get signed up.


Additionally, If you want to watch the Livestream I did today, it can be found in my Divine Magicians facebook group HERE 

See you there!