Shapeshifter Day 83 - the master of space & time

Jan 03, 2020
Today for lunch, I went to one of my fave vegetarian spots here in Bali called Shady Shack; I was craving their nachos something fierce.
I love their food, but I don't always love their seating situation... some of their tables are just awkward, I don't really know any other way to describe it really.
So I got sat at an awkward table, it was the only one available even though I would have preferred to sit at the counter with open-air windows, which I had requested and which was also packed.
I kept scoping out the situation, almost frantic like because I reeeaaaally wanted to sit up there and it didn't appear that anyone was moving anytime in the near future...
I was like damn.
and then it dawned on me, wait a minute! I am the master of space and time, I WILL sit at the counter even though it doesn't look as if it will be possible.
I then chilled the fuck out, and mere moments later, someone got up from the counter and left - and of course, I got my counter seat.
As I was sitting there waiting for my food, I got to thinking about how ridiculous it is that we often make our choices based on what seems to be... by what appears to be available or not available, by how much money is or isn't in the account, by details that you can “foresee” and predict based on past references or current appearances.
Not only does this severely limit your experience, but it's also just plain absurd when you remember the truth of who you are.
You are the master of space.
You are the master of time.
You are the master of resources.
You are the master of cash.
They only reason you don't experience this as true is because you pretend that you're not.
You wait for circumstances to tell you that you can have something before you actually choose it - when that's just not the way that reality works.
Your world - an illusory dream - can only ever show you the choices you've already made by virtue of your deep-seated paradigms and conscious focuses.
You are the commander in chief here, and it’s your job to declare what you're having, no matter what appearances may say, and then do your work to stand firmly in that decision with the crisp, clean energy of knowing.
Knowing that this is your dreamscape.
Knowing that you are the leader of your free world
Knowing that time, space, resources, and money bend to YOUR will and your will alone.
So although, the counter may appear full... that's no reason to decide that you can't have the seat you want.
Although the bank account looks low, that's no reason to decide you can't afford what you really want.
Although it may look like time is running out, that's no reason to give up on the vision.
In the face of your limiting stories, you have to be willing to get lucid AF in this dream, call upon your divine remembrance, and TELL THE TRUTH.
You are not a flimsy little human in effect of an objective world. The world you perceive is your very own subjective world. 

Have you any idea how much power you have over the world that is yours?
However, each time you let appearances and circumstances decide for you; you forfeit the conscious wielding of that power.
Every time you pretend that you have no control over your world; you forfeit the conscious wielding of your true power.
Every time you try to get your love, money, approval, security, safety - anything - from outside of you; you forfeit the conscious wielding of your power.
You are the source of your love.
You are the source of your approval.
You are the source of your time.
You are the source of your space.
You are the source of your cash.
You are the source of ALL of your resources.
When you really start to get this, own this, become this truth...
you will become untouchable, you will never ever let appearances deceive you and you will not make your choices based on circumstances.
See the full counter.
And choose to have your counter seat anyways.