Shapeshifter Day 82 - the problem with gratitude

Jan 02, 2020
Did you know that it's actually way easier to be grateful for what you have when you're acknowledging what you want next and allowing yourself to believe that you can have it?
I know that the attitude of gratitude is preached far and wide, I too have been a minister of that message, but as I understand energetics more and more and call upon my deep inherent awareness of the mechanics and science of magic, it has become clear to me that if you find yourself really struggling to be grateful for what you have... it's not a state of being to judge or make yourself wrong for but instead is an opportunity to get really curious about what's at play that's blocking your flow of appreciation.
Gratitude, honestly, is a really natural state of being when you're in alignment with your true power and divine nature. It comes easily and it's not something you have to force or put on a to-do list and in fact, if you are having to force it and if it's not coming naturally then that is a hint that something "under-the-hood" of your energetic system is out-of-whack.
Its a signpost telling you that you're not letting yourself be all you can be, and it's an indication that you have some very limiting stories running about who you are and what's possible for you.
So often I see gratitude used as a bandaid for self-denial, and that becomes problematic because the core dissatisfaction never gets tended to.
Yes, you can settle for less than what you truly desire in life and manufacture some gratitude for that, which will afford you a little bit of creative power, but it's quite frankly, going to be super fucking weak and flimsy compared to the full octane appreciation that comes from integrity with self, and allegiance to your highest potential.
"They" weren't wrong when they told you that gratitude was powerful energy for the creation fo your life... but they also didn't tall you, that your secret energetic programmings of your subconscious are far more powerful.
If you've hidden your dreams, your hopes, your desires deep within your psyche by way of telling stories about how you can't have what you really want, you're not good enough, you're not allowed, that's possible for you, you could never afford it, you have to prove yourself first, your family/friends/followers would never approve, etc, etc, etc.. no amount of forceful gratitude will override your self-denial.
It just won't.
You can have a good life that way, yes.
I've seen many a person convince themselves that they're happy with what they have and who they are, yes.
But, that will never summon forth your magical, phenomenal, highest potential life. It just won't.
And I'm not saying that you shouldn't appreciate who you are or what you have in this moment, all I'm saying is that gratitude becomes exponential, when you're not secretly denying yourself.
You did not come here to have a good life.
You came here to actualize your divinity in the human form, and to play with the world of light like the dark God you are.
Your desires are wHoly...
and when you deny your authentic expression of them, you quite literally deny your godliness.
This is going to have an effect on you, and it's going to make the act of being grateful really fucking hard because deep down, beyond your conscious awareness, your limitations are being triggered and they're ruling your life.
I dare you to start saying yes to what you really want, and to begin uncovering the untrue stories about who think you are and what you think you get to have, that are hidden deep within your psyche... and start telling the fucking truth.
When you do that, before anything even remotely changes in your physical world, you will find that your gratitude for where you currently are and what you currently have will naturally become amplified and the energy of it will become purer, more potent and more powerful.
With each additional truth that you tell, and with each desire that you fully honor and decide is yours and done...
the crisper, the cleaner, the less duplicitous your energy will be, the more powerful you will become, and the more effortless magic you will do.
Sometimes it can be really fucking tricky to uncover the untrue tales you secretly tell, that's why it's really helpful to have a mentor who can easily sniff out your stories and remind you who the fuck you really are.
If you desire support with this in 2020, PM me because this is what I do with my private clients.
This year, for myself and those I work intimately with, is about unprecedented spiritual evolution, it’s about accessing unfuckwithable peace + power + appreciation, it’s about activating your ability to do literal magic; to bend the fabric of space & time at will, and to fly into radically different realities.
This is the year where we transcend the slow, incremental progression of the human, and take quantum flight as the fully upgraded wHoly Human.
The potential for the full realization of your embodied divinity is already coded within you, but it's up to YOU to activate that coding... without your say so, it simply lies dormant as unrealized potential.
Will this be the year that you step up and claim your cosmic throne, once and for all?