Shapeshifter Day 81 - the source of your suffering

Jan 01, 2020


It’s not your circumstances that are causing you pain and suffering...

It’s the lies you’re telling regarding what your circumstances “mean about you” that’s causing your agony.

Anytime you get triggered by a circumstance - meaning annoyed, frustrated, irritated, angry, sad, etc... you can be certain you’re in the presence of an untrue story you’ve been telling.


The gift in identifying the lead of a lie is that it can easily be alchemized into the gold of divine truth. 


The thing is...

the trigger is never the cause of the story, but actually a bi-product of a story you've buried so deep within your subconscious, that you're probably not even aware you're telling it.



Therefore, the only way you can actually even transmute your lies into truth is to be aware of when you become triggered and then be willing to investigate curiously with the intention of getting to the bottom of it & telling the truth.


...but that can’t happen if you’re not willing to look at and take responsibility for your triggers. That can’t happen if you insist on numbing and muting the uncomfortable sensation in any way. That can’t happen if you project or blame.



You have to be devoted to uncovering your stories, in order to transmute them with the light of truth.


This is the alchemy that will liberate you from all the meaning you’ve made, which means true, unfuckwithable peace and power...


AND, it will un-collapse the matter you’ve made through your meanings so to make you light as a feather and activate the quantum flight of your divine magician, meaning - your ability to intentionally bend the fabric of space and to transverse parallel realities.


You don’t have access to any of that magic as long as you’re telling the lies of the limited human.


The human is verrry attached to its separation, it's limitations, it's piles or right and wrong, so the truth is that this is super fucking confronting work. It's probo not gonna feel good initially to admit that you've been pulling the wool over your very own and eyes, and it's most likely gonna sting a bit when you rip off the band-aid of your false securities and illusions...


but the good news is that, if you're willing to devote yourself - above all else - to telling the divine truth, you'll actually be able to get to the bottom of it all.


This alchemy is to systematically install your wHoly Human programming and become lucid in your dream of life so that you can play in your dreamscape as the omnipotent God you are.


When you're willing to get to the core of the lie and TELL THE TRUTH, you do not have to spend a lifetime managing your limitations, contrary to popular belief.


However, this means you're gonna have to slay your human, which many just simply aren't ready to do.


If you're one of the few who are, however... you are my people.


You have the potential to access your full quantum, divine creative powers IN THIS LIFETIME.


But just because it exists as a potential, doesn't mean it will come to fruition. YOU have to decide that.


I currently have room for a few extremely dedicated, wildly devoted individuals who are ready to make 2020 the year of perfect divine vision.


Activating your magic is not a mystery... it's actually a fine science and an art of which you are completely capable of mastering.


When we work together, we will spend one whole year getting to the bottom of the stories that are literally weighing you down and keeping you from Quantum Flight. It will be a year of energetic, magic mastery. It will be a year spent completely slaying your human, and installing your wHoly Human Programming which will allow you to access your cosmic power source, give you command over your waking dream, and liberate you forevermore.


I'm very specific about the clients I will be taking for this program because it requires your full submission to the process. It will be an intense AF, and wildly rewarding, year. It will be the reinstatement of your divine sanity. It will be miraculous money, love, business, and all-the-things.


If you could spend just ONE YEAR deprogramming lifetimes of limitation, and change your life forevermore... would you do it?


If yes, PM me.


12 months

Unlimited Access to me

50k full pay

or $4700/month