Shapeshifter Day 80 - killing your creations

Dec 31, 2019

To be the truly powerful magician and shapeshifter you really are, you have to be willing to create something and then burn it to the ground -the moment- and not a second later, that you get the impulse to do so.

the whole magical concept of shapeshifting is to master reinvention, which requires that you have the ability to navigate change swiftly, gracefully and with precision

if you cling to what's already been created, you lock yourself into the imagination of space and time and you relegate yourself to incremental transformation.

if you remove all the meanings from your creations and allow yourself to burn them to the ground when called to do so, you activate your ability to collapse time and quantum leap

the quantum leaper is your divine self and is not concerned with longevity or getting anything from its creations... it created for the delight of creating, nothing more nothing less.

and when you can create from that space, you become downright magical.

most likely, if you’ve ever been judged or judged yourself as wishy-washy, irresponsible, uncommitted... it's because you're actually inherently very skilled at wizardry. this is your natural impulse and your genius, which you've just simply made wrong for far too long.

and so, you've tried to fit yourself into orderly and sensical boxes of creation so to prove to yourself that you are indeed responsible and committed, all the while you're just simply feeling stifled on the inside and wondering why shit's not working out for you, I mean... you did all-the-things you thought you had to do.

I'm speaking about this so clearly, because the one I just described, is me. lol

and it's probably you too if you're still reading this.

What I've just an epiphany of clarity around, is that you and I, we are not meant to be organized and orderly and pragmatic... and to try to make ourselves do so, is to stifle our very own genius.

What we have to stop doing, is making this impulse wrong, and we've got to transcend the paradigms that affirm this to us so that we can ascend into the heights of our brilliance like rising stars

We are not meant to uphold current paradigms, we are here to destruct them (<-- that last part I definitely knew already, how about you?)

This is on my mind and heart because I have, in the last couple of days, received the very clear impulse to burn to the ground the meat of the business that I just spent the last three months constructing. Not the framework, per-say, but the guts.


I'm laughing on the outside but slightly horrified on the inside as this is triggering within me every idea of wrongness I've ever held about the terribly wrong state of my wishy-washiness.

However, this time, although I have an experience of the horror, there's a space between myself and it, which allows me to see it for what it really is - LIES - and I am easily calling upon the realization that my most enchanted, magical enterprise and empire can ONLY be built on my willingness to honor my brilliance, no matter how non-conventional it appears.

I would venture to guess that this is most likely the same for you too.

You will never be able to build a thriving empire on the old business paradigms. you will never be able to craft a satisfyingly euphoric business (or life) experience based on crusty ideas of what you "should" do, built on desires formulated from your fears, and quite frankly you'll never get rich that way either.

The only thing that's going to activate your wildly wealthy empire is your own unique, divine brilliance that will most likely not look like anything you've ever witnessed with your physical eyes before.

The only way you're ever going to say yes to what's summoning you is to stop judging your genius, see your fears for what they are, call upon the highest truth available, and boldly answer your calls...

which may just very well have you killing your creations on repeat, so to keep you continuously quantum leaping into even greater heights of magic, power, and creative exhilaration.

This IS how the Shapeshifter dream awake enchanted enterprises and opulent heavenly empires. You already know how to do it, which you will remember once you stop making yourself wrong and trying to cram yourself into boxes.