Shapeshifter Day 8 - 100% That Bitch

Oct 20, 2019

I’m only on day 8 of a 365 day Shapeshifting Journey which I’m documenting publicly, and already I’ve had several people message me telling me that they’re soooo excited for the book they predict I’ll be writing and that I should start readying myself for the end of my relative anonymity because I’m on the cusp of transitioning into a much more public personality. Lol

This is super fun evidence of the new version of me I’m powerfully stepping into, who just so happens to be a prolific author, soul-stirring speaker, and Spiritual Advisor to the Stars… not to mention a bitchin’ businesswoman and epic empress 😉

It’s amazing how quickly manifestations can pop into the hologram of your life when you really devote yourself to the next evolution of you… and it’s sososo important to scout out and celebrate every little piece of evidence that shows up indicating you’re on the right track.

At the same time, and paradoxically so, it’s paramount to understand that the physical world manifestation is the very last piece of evidence that will appear because remember you are 99.99999% energy and only a teeny tiny bit of matter.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, you’re more nothing than you are something.

It’s so easy to grow dependent on the physical world to tell you that you’re doing it, that you’re a badass, that you’re wealthy, that you’re worthy, that you’re successful, that you’re 100% “That Bitch” as my client said to me the other day. 🤣

However, the sweet spot of manifestation is to simply embody the fuck out of who you’re becoming and know that regardless of what shows up, you’re still all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips. It’s precisely that level of self-acceptance, self-approval, self-love, and self-belief that has the power to pop the manifestation to match into your dreamscape.

In short speak, you must know that you’re “It” so much so that you don’t need any evidence of such, while simultaneously knowing that you GET to have the experience of the matching manifestation.

If you get real with yourself, all you really even want is to feel great about yourself and love the fuck out of your life anyway, and the long term sustainable way to do that is to remember who the fuck you are… a fully sourced, totally resourced, cosmic dreamer.

I say this as if I’m speaking it to you, but as I do so I remember too… because the truth is that I have to remind myself of his stuff every single day.

The dream can be really fucking convincing (we designed it that way on purpose)…
but it is our primary duty as Divine Magicians to stay lucid in this dream; to be in the world, but not of as the J-Man once stated.

So even though there are some cool little manifestations showing up in my world which I’m celebrating the fuck out of, I’d be doing you a massive disservice if I failed to mention that there have been many moments in this current iteration of myself as in previous ones, where I’ve wanted to feel frustrated that the fullness of what I’m calling in has not shown up yet.

Yes, I am wHoly, but I am also Human too.

It’s in these moments I remind myself that there’s a far greater measuring stick available to me, in which to determine my progress than physical world manifestations, and that is how I FEEL.

It’s always and only feelings that give rise to the appearance of the physical world, and so if it feels different it is different.

Let me repeat this so it can sink into our little Monkey Minds:


What if you could rely on how you were feeling as a more accurate gauge of what’s manifesting in your world, than what’s actually appearing before you? What if you could have total faith in that?

I’ve heard it said before, that it’s not faith until it looks like it’s not happening and you still believe anyways…

Today, I invite you to stop letting your circumstances dictate who you get to be, appoint yourself as 100% “That Bitch” and rest into full faith that if it feels different then it most certainly is different.

Shapeshifting isn’t about getting things in the external world, although you certainly get to have #allthethings

Shapeshifting is about stepping boldly into your greatness because it just fucking feels good to do so.

~ Chandra Nicole

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