Shapeshifter Day 78 - priorities

Dec 29, 2019
You always get more of whatever you prioritize.
If you prioritize reacting + putting out fires,
you'll get more to react to and more fires to put out.
...but, if you prioritize dreaming awake your highest desires
on your inner landscape, you'll get more creation inspiration
& lush green pastures to frolic on.
If you prioritize your struggles,
you'll get more circumstances to struggle with.
...but, if you prioritize well-being & inner peace,
you'll get more circumstantial ease.
If you prioritize your lack and your debt,
you'll have a never-ending pile of debt to deal with
and your ends will always just meet.
...but if you prioritize cultivating inner wealth
& a generative relationship with money,
you'll have an overflow from which to pay your debts
and fund your desired lifestyle.
If you prioritize surviving,
you'll gain more survival skills 
will always be fighting for your emotional and circumstantial life.
...but, if you prioritize thriving,
you'll get more thriving skills
along with space and freedom
to honor your passions and arts and higher purposes.
If your life isn't looking the way you prefer it to,
you might want to take an honest look
at the way you're prioritizing and organizing your life.
To make the switch from reaction to intentional creation,
struggle to ease, lack to wealth, surviving to thriving…
requires some pretty significant and fundamental paradigm shifts.
When this hasn't been your standard operating procedure
it takes a monumental choice and commitment to show up every day in devotion to creating new habits of being.
The ones who experience wild and miraculous,
total turn around, rags to riches style stories
are not the ones who kinda-sorta-want-it,
and have an attitude of
The ones who have the most inspiring stories to tell
are the ones who make an all in choice
to dream awake the life they really want to live.
They show-the-fuck-up-come-hell-or-high-water.
They train like spiritual Olympians
and call upon the best support systems and coaches
to help them expedite the process and go for the gold,
because to them...
there is no other option but to stay the course
and to keep on going until what's real in their heart
becomes the real experience of their life.
The second class of people are the ones
that I'm most interested in working with
in the new year.
They are the ones who are ready to prioritize
the landscape of their inner world above all else.
They are the ones who are ready to prioritize
thriving, ease, and wealth.
They are the ones who are willing
to put EVERYTHING on the line,
in the name of the vision they hold
for their phenomenal life.
A choice like that parts seas,
It moves mountains,
and it shifts tectonic plates under your feet.
Don't you know how powerful your 1000% choice is?
It is literally the energy that creates worlds,
activates all of your divine magic
and calls forth miraculous outcomes in your life.
One of the things I am no longer prioritizing in this new year
is working with spiritual "dabblers'.
No judgment, as I've been one before too.
However, what I desire is to help you dream awake
the wildest possibilities available to you,
and truthfully,
that just can't happen without
full submission to your vision and to the process.
I want to work with the ones who honor their desires
and find a way to make it fucking happen,
because those are the ones who show up
to reinvent themselves entirely
and call forth the most inspiring outcomes.
For this reason,
I have decided to raise all of my prices significantly in 2020
because what I have noticed is that when a human makes a substantial investment it represents a substantial choice,
and they just simply show up on an entirely different level.
The work I do is miraculous
and even the dabblers get some pretty great results...
but I'm not interested in great anymore.
I'm interested in helping my clients create phenomenal, magical, extraordinary lives that are wildly wealthy in every single way that matters to them.
So if you feel called to dedicate 2020 to training yourself
into a fundamental paradigm shift like a spiritual olympian...
if you're ready submit yourself fully to visions of your heart…
if you're willing to make an all-in,
no-holds-barred choice
to dream awake your most phenomenal life...
PM me and let's chat.