Shapeshifter Day 77 - trust yourself above all else

Dec 28, 2019
You cannot look to your outer world
and find your truth there.
The only thing you can find there
is evidence of your past paradigms.
You cannot innovate something new,
with that old crusty information.
If ever you feel confused,
you can be certain that you're not trusting
what you know deep within.
You're a fucking infinite being.
How could you not know what's best for you?
You're a god made manifest.
How could you not know
the fastest, easiest path
to your next destination?
You have access to
the greatest vantage points available,
right within you.
You are the light and the way.
Looking outside for your answers
is one of the fastest ways to lose yourself.
I know this all too well,
and I'm sure you do too.
If you ask me,
the only "problem" we ever have
is that we fail to trust ourselves.
...and I'm not talking about listening
to the voices in your head,
because they are unreliable too.
Those voices are the ones
that created your "outside" world
in the first place.
I'm referring to the deep knowing
that the voices and the outside world,
try to talk you out of continuously.
I'm referring to the impulse beyond thought,
that perks up your ears,
activates your heart
and causes you to be interested
in a wildly new idea
even though you don't quite yet know why.
This is the knowing you have to learn to trust.
This is the knowing that has the capacity
to source you with ‘brand new’ information
It has the potential to restructure
your paradigms completely
and innovate a whole new life experience.
I can guarantee you
this knowing will not make any logical sense
That's why the voices in your head 

and the people in your life
will try to talk you out of it
But if you don't learn to trust
this deep inner knowing, above all else...
and as long as you prioritize logic
and the voices of limitation
(both inside of your head and out)…
you will continue to recreate
what you've already created
and you will continue to experience
what you've already been experiencing.
It takes guts to trust yourself.
Not doing so is, hands down,

the one thing that's fucking you up.
You MUST trust yourself.
When you don't trust yourself, 

you forget who you really are.
When you don't trust yourself
you cut off your direct source 

to the infinite information 

and the infinite worlds

that are inherently yours 

by your divine nature.
When you don't trust yourself
you stomp out your magic.
Do not listen to the voices,
unless they are telling you
to trust yourself.
Do not give them any
of your valuable attention,
unless they say to you.
"you are the light and the way, divine one"
Do not give your power to them,
unless they affirm that...
“Yes, indeed,
you do know what the fuck you're doing; 

you're a limitless god and anything 

is possible and available to you."
Do not give a moment's notice

to ANY voice that tries to tell you

that you're not good enough,

that you should not be trusted, 

that you'll fuck it all up,

that they know better than you...
for I tell you,
they are all liars.
All lies,
which you've bought into as truth at some point
and that false truth has clouded your ability
to trust in your real truth
You are the dreamer of this dream
You are the primary authority in this place
You have all the answers you seek
Trust yourself.
Know this as truth
the more you honor and trust yourself, 

the more your inner knowing will be illuminated.
By the power of your inner conviction,
Your truth will be amplified
and it will rise within as your own north star.