Shapeshifter Day 7 ~ The Malleability of People

Oct 19, 2019

People are not quite what you think they are.

We have a tendency to think that people just "are who they are"... but that could be further from the ultimate truth.

The ultimate truth is that just like in the rest of the Dreamscape we call “life”, people are shapeshifting all the time to show up as the version that exactly matches your expectations and paradigms.


I have to remind myself of this ALL the time.


I find it far easier to stay lucid to the fact that my general circumstances in life are my reflection, and far more challenging to take radical responsiblity for the way that the people in my life show up.


It's so easy to say, "that's just how they are" and dismiss the fact that just like the people in my dreams at night, the people in my waking dream are simply an illusory projection of my psyche.


What's crazy is that when I really honestly entertain this deep esoteric wisdom and embody it, I observe the people in my dreamscape morphing from one version of their character to the next, with rapidity, based on the energetics I'm embodying.


It's fucking WILD.


Similarly, I witness my own capacity to morph into different characters with rapidity, which is actually a really liberating thing to observe and know.


What if the people in my world aren’t at all what i think they are? What if I AM not at all what I think I am?


If I'm not what I think I am, then who am I?


I ask myself this question every day...


and the answer is that I'm something far more powerful and omnipotent than my human self can even fathom.


I'm the dreamer of the dream - the source of the illusory world I perceive. And I am the creator of all the things and people in this third-dimensional fantasy I am weaving.


There's even an interpretation of Quantum Mechanics called "the Many Worlds Theory" which implies that all possible outcomes are realized in some world or universe.


This means that there are infinite versions of you and I and all the people we perceive in our lives, showing up as all possibilities in infinite parallel universes or worlds.


The best way that I know how to grasp this is to call upon my understanding of my sleeping dream state.


Say you and I were laying side by side in bed, asleep at night. I was having a dream of the both of us, and you also were having a dream of the both of us.


Each of our dreams of one another are different - totally different landscapes and circumstances and conversations, etc... yet somehow we both have the freedom to dream different dreams of one another at the same time. 


What if our waking dream works similarly? This is the idea that the Many World’s Theory is posing.


If you think about it, this is the only way that Free Will could be possible.


There is a book I love called, ‘Moving Through Parallel World’s to Achieve Your Dreams’, which explains this very wild idea in an extremely digestible fashion. I recommend it to all my clients.


So it turns out that people are not quite what we think they are. People are far more malleable and shapeshifty then we ever imagined, and can only ever show up as the characters we have assigned them to play, based on the energetics we've embodied...


and this is no way infringes on their free will because there are infinite versions of them playing endless characters in countless alternate realities.


Can you tell I love blowing my own mind on the regular? Lol


To me, Shapeshifting is all about loosening my stronghold on "reality" to call upon higher universal awareness.


This serves many purposes.


It releases me from the bondage of seriousness in my life, it allows me to have compassion for all the peoples in the dream including myself, it liberates me to assume different dream characters for the fun of it, and   It gives me the ability to observe other people in my life as the truth of what they really are -


emanations of the dreamer, completely malleable, and totally divine... just like me.


~ Chandra Nicole



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